Happy Saturday

  • Alright folks, how's it been?

    Not reading through all the threads as I'm guessing they will start off talking about one thing and then leading to another.

    The last few days have done wonders for my worry levels, so much so that I'm looking at my port and thinking it is what it is and time will change it.

    Off for a run now, then breakfast, then watch footy and see how my footstock teams are getting on, and the same my sorare teams.

    I have found spinning all 3 platforms good, although this is my main money pit.

    Take care all, and roll on Nov, Dec when we will be rising together.

    P.s. make sure your mates are ok and ask them how they are.

  • @Millerman said in Happy Saturday:

    Alright folks, how's it been?

    Bought into Neymar at £8.15, last night he did Neymar things, waiting to collect my dividends today & looking forward to 3 more years of repeats - going well thanks.

  • Who doesn't love a Saturday. Port still looks sick tho and my lad's footy match has been cancelled, which is normally the highlight of my week, but at least there's two gold days.
    Neymar and Verratti kicked it off nicely last night so hoping for more returns.
    Enjoy the run @Millerman and maybe take your speedos with you just in case.

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