Accept Price Movement

  • Guys, what does this mean? I see it now every time I go to buy into someone.


  • Was doing a bit of buying yesterday and was getting this despite the price not moving.

    Everything went through ok and at the prices I was buying at so I just ignored it.

  • Used to happen all the time with IPOs, as the price used to shoot up. I would be careful in the IPO sense as we all ended up buying some 20-30p more expensive than quoted when we 1st started.

    If you feel the player is in high demand be wary, low demand don't worry about it. SHould mean the price has gone up or down since you initiated the purchase. I haven't encountered it but it could be a bug in the system.

  • @ChintzyMoon
    It’s meant to mean that, should the price change while in the process of buying shares, you’ll buy them at the new price if you accept it. So say a player is £1 and you want to buy 100 and during the process of buying they move to £1.05, do you still want your 100 shares? If you accept it then you’ll buy at the new price.

  • I had this for the first time just now. I was buying a player for 90p, I didn't tick the box and it told me that the price has decreased to 90p and asked do I want to accept, even though that was the price I could see anyway. Seems if you don't tick the box you'll get confirmation of the price you're buying at.

  • Thanks fellas

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