What’s happening

  • It’s a Saturday and portfolio hasn’t bumped up
    Clearly more people selling than buying
    Can anyone see this place crashing with international break up and coming ... honestly can see players being half price some at pennies

  • @D-R-Allenballs

    Neymar is the 3rd most expensive player on FI & returned around 1% of his price in just one night on the lowest PB payout day. Whilst sentiment is currently negative value will eventually triumph as ppl recognise the yields that are available.

  • I think the time to watch will be the 16th of Oct to see if many people are selling up to profit from the next deposit bonus!

    Either way if people want to sell cheaply I'll happily buy cheaply and in 3 years time FI will have gone bust or players will be worth a whole heap more!!😆

  • @D-R-Allenballs theres just as many people buying as there are selling the reason the prices are falling is because those that are buying know that the sellers are selling cheap so instead of matching the offers buyers are placing bids. The 1p below rule put the power back into the hands of the buyers and buyers want to pay as little as possible

  • @Black-Wolf for that to be true you need people to buy, currently sellers are competing so sell up, nobody wants to buy and wait a year for a 1% return. The index is doomed sell up while you can

  • @Boss I agree, it's all over mate. Im selling up and running. If I IS now iv only lost 3 g.

  • @Black-Wolf I personally think the power is with the sellers, as they set the buy price and determine whether bids get matched. I genuinely believe that people would pay the buy price if they had to, but equally, why would you whilst low bids keep getting accepted. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're buying) holders keep devaluing their own holds and under estimating what people will pay.

  • @Boss loads are buying thats what the bids are and who the sellers are selling to

  • @Mintyfresh they can't set the buy price tho, well not properly

  • @Black-Wolf said in What’s happening:

    @Boss loads are buying thats what the bids are and who the sellers are selling to

    Yeah thats why i cant instant sell at times... too many buyers.. makes sense..

  • @AndydfopT I know you're saying they can't instantly crash it now, due to the 1p limit, but the buy price is 100% set by sellers.

  • @Boss said in What’s happening:

    for that to be true you need people to buy, currently sellers are competing so sell up, nobody wants to buy

    Every current sell that goes through the ticker is matched with a buyer (no longer able to sell to anyone else) so equal number of buyers as sellers, just not obvious from the ticker. If those "sells" were called "matches" & BIN buys were still called "buys" it would have an immediate positive impact on market sentiment IMO, even though nothing had changed.

  • @Mintyfresh yes i get what you mean but i prefer to think the power is with the buyer and its irrational panic with the seller

  • @Boss theres that many being accepted that buyers have to prioritise their bids

  • @Mintyfresh yea I know what you mean but it's the cheeky fuckers bidding so low and taking advantage of the weak sellers really isn't it

  • At the moment I can't see any point in bidding at any price apart from limit down. Wait a couple of days and someone will hit it.

  • @Black-Wolf It's probably more complicated really than saying either side has the power, as will vary player by player and will depend on traders own circumstances. For those desperate to sell quickly, you have given all power away to the buyers and will be more vulnerable to the low bids. If a player is more in demand and offers are set higher by patient sellers, they will have taken the control back and people will have to pay more or miss out.

    The 1p limit should have given sellers more power, as you would have expected bids to go up to be matched somewhere in the middle. What actually seems to have happened is people are now trying to trade in the spreads and are therefore bidding as low as possible and sellers are accepting these. The 1p cap could have really stabilized things but I think FI under estimated how impatient many of their users are (not a criticism, just an observation. I know people that own shares that can go weeks without checking them, but I would judge anybody here who didn't check their port every half an hour or so!)

  • Whilst sellers continue to accept bids at the absolute minimum buyers can bid for this will continue.

    Eventually, this will stop as people buying now won't also sell that low.

  • Theres a very diverse set of people on FI. Some are looking for a quick buck and have a payoff horizon of a couple of days or weeks - they are "gamblers". Others treat it more as an "investment" and are looking at payoffs over multiple years. Your risk appetite and tolerance for big market moves like we have seen recently is very dependent on which camp you are in.

  • Sellers are only selling low because there is no other option. If 1p cap gets removed sellers regain some strenght and can start setting their own prices and buyers start upping their bids to have their bids accepted quicker. As it stands buyers have all the power because sellers don't have options. This is no way to run a market. Let the market find its feet even if that means another crash to port values. Port values are completely false again

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