• Hi, I've been holding on to my players since the change over. I just need advice as I'm really not sure what to do, all my players are in the blue apart from mbappe, who is now getting hit, do I sell him and take the £300 profit or do I wait like the rest? Can any one see if this platform is going to recover. I bought him at £5.75 back when the platform was good.
    Cheers in advanced.

  • @NewUser325331 do you think he’s still a good hold? Do you think you can buy back in cheaper in a few days/weeks?

    With no PB games for a few weeks he will drop further but long term I think he’ll be a great hold, CL euros transfer speculation etc; I don’t hold him so speaking based on what i see

  • @Sav2000 completely agree with you, I think hes a great hold. I still trust in football index but seeing ALL the players still dropping is worrying, I'm finding it hard to judge whether in 6 to 12 months it'll be back to where it was. Surely we need more people on the platform to boost the prices up but i feel people are leaving. What's your thoughts on it?

  • @NewUser325331 I think a small percentage are leaving and they are driving the prices down trying to get out. There is a clear correction of some prices, but once things settle players who perform will be rewarded.

    The “bad bets” will always be just that as much as many will say that’s unfair, Mbappe is not a bad bet and from what I’ve seen he’s got a great future; just needs Neymar to fuck off 🤣 which is the only reason I don’t own currently.

    I have absolute confidence in the platform and I’m happy for the short term pain; but as my exit point was always August 2022 that’s easy for me to say.

    Do what you think is right on your holds don’t be convinced to sell or hold by people here.

  • @Sav2000 thanks for your advice. To be honest i'll probably wait it out and hope my finger nails grow back 😅

  • Banned

    there is also an argument to sell him now, and then set up a buy order at a much lower price, bag the profits you have made and get in cheap

  • @MrWh1te yeah I see where your coming from. Cheers for that.

  • @NewUser325331 what did you decide to do here in the end?

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