Logic of trading these days???

  • Hi guys. I am not a professional trader, but I've been on FI for over 2 years now, made some good decisions, made some bad decisions, learnt a lot....but what's happening these days I simply cannot get my head around. Very good example today, James Rodriguez. I watched the game. He had assist, no movement, he then scored-going up, scored second-going up to 2.45, then Brighton scores which makes 1st Rodriguez goal GWG and he jumps Chilwell at the top of the PB ranking....and his price drops to 2.33!!! How can you explain that?

  • @tommyboy2104
    You have to realise, sentiment atm is poor, so when someone does well, others think 'this is a chance to get out of this player'.

    If you have faith in the player and more importantly, his dividend earnings, then it matters not one bit what happens to his price

  • People getting out of their holds on a spike, the way IS drops at the moment you can probably get back on home at a rock bottom bid tomorrow and make more on the cap app than you would the dividends you forgo by selling.

  • @MrWh1te makes sense, didn't look at it that way, thank you

  • @tommyboy2104 he went to £2.55 the reason he dropped was people trading the spread. They may of bought at £2.15 just after the goal and immediately placed an offer for £2.54 the £2.53 and so on so the buy price comes back down. He also scored after 4pm so anyone buying at this point was only IPD eligible so would be happier to flip than hold.

    What you can take from his rapid rise is the lack of depth this displayed behind the offers which demonstrated how prices can rise much faster than they are falling

  • People are jumping between spreads cutting each others throats for profits right now.

    Going to be a while before it returns to "normal" tbh.

    Unless your willing to hold, the name of the game is buy and quick flip right now.

  • 5x IPD has ended and there is a 2 phase deposit bonus ongoing. The logic is to get rid of the IPD players during phase 1 and reinvest in phase 2.

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