Cabot Wabot!

  • If you don't like pumps don't read on.

    Have held Jimmy Cabot since the days of Lorient (since early this year). I currently hold 85 shares at an average of 36p so am sitting on a significant loss of around 50% or so. There's my agenda put of the way

    Going to continue to hold until he is up to 50/60p sell price which I think is perfectly doable over a 3 year period, but we shall see.

    He's only recently joined Angers and has so far had bit parts in a 6-1 destruction by PSG and a 3-2 win over Brest.

    Total of 41 minutes played and 30 touches during those games. Pass accuracy rate of 80%, which given the tonking they were receiving by PSG is pretty handy.

    I know these aren't mind blowing stats, but sell price is 12p currently, and I would be hard pushed to find a player more likely of doubling their cap app in a short space of time than good ol Jimmy boy

    Of course with a current pb AVG of 8, could see why people would avoid like the plague up next are Metz, Rennes, nice, and nimes Plenty to be optimistic for

  • @Moukoko refreshingly honest pump, but I'm out.

  • Have a few myself, just pleased to hear he has a club now!!!

  • @2mWils86 you may or may not live to regret it🤣

  • I bailed when he started getting linked with various non PB clubs after he announced he was leaving Lorient. I’m sure he was heading to the MLS at one point! Good luck with the hold, his stats in Ligue 2 were excellent so hopefully he can reproduce that for Angers.

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