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  • Right up there for me as one of the most underrated players in the league, think he would walk into pretty much any side, he will improve alongside this improving Villa side, would be amazed if he’s still there in 18 months. Been picking him up for around £2.30 ish which is crazy considering he could win star man on a gold day any time

  • He is someone the neutral fan should hate, tendency to go down easily (although he is fouled a lot), the hair, breaching covid regs - but I can't help but like the guy, showed great loyalty to Villa and he is a joy to watch.

    I also always chuckle seeing my gay brother's instagram cos he doesn't like football but I always see the odd footballer on his feed who he finds attractive. Grealish was in there! The bloody perv.

  • He could be the next Le Tissier of his generation. Great player, but will his face ever fit with England?

  • @ocs123 Southgate doesn't rate him as highly as he should but surely he'll be heavily involved over these next two weeks after today. Then its up to him to show he belongs.

    The guy is class. Sky is the limit.

  • As a villa fan, I'm fucking buzzing, Iv bought alot of villa players through sentiment but I feel grealish is the real deal. Class act and thats two pb wins in a row with oryarzabel last night. I'm down alot but these little wins keep my chin up. I hope no one is feeling the strain too much

  • The result last night was just unreal and now the buzz has calmed down (Villa fan) I feel a bit more objective.

    While I think as a team were playing some great football there was something massively wrong with Liverpool last night and it reminded me of the Barcelona performance against Bayern (8-2). At one point last night I actually laughed out loud when Watkins hit the crossbar in the 2nd half as Adrien had completely left his goal chasing a ball that didn't exist!

    Grealish is just wonderful to watch for me but that's a once in a lifetime performance for Villa. Probably got a few Bronze/Silver day PB wins in him though and should keep his value over the season. Good hold.

  • Problem with England is they prefer robots like Eric Dier and Henderson. Thought it would be change with Southgate as he was trying to be ‘different’.
    How Grealish wasn’t getting selected in the squad let alone the team is baffling.

  • Southgate got asked about Grealish's performance...spoke for about 5 seconds before waxing lyrical about Mount and how amazing he was, think Grealish must've slept with Gareth's family member or something

  • @ChazFI123 I heard Grealish and TAA went twos up on Southgate's wife...

  • @ChazFI123 His hair probably doesn't suit Southgate's style of play

  • Grealish just jumped about 35p in minutes!

  • @Marksandygill I find the TAA situation fascinating with England, if England play a back 4 then there can be an argument about TAA's defending and for Liverpool it helps a lot that Henderson helps provide cover for him. However, now he seems set on playing wing backs I have no clue how he's not getting picked!

  • @Dragon4Life This must be the spread tightening and sellers increasing their sell offers. Good too see - bloody wish I'd got on him around the 2.30 mark as rate him highly.

    When a player is in demand the seller takes control!

  • @Dave-B I topped up 50 up at 1.99 on Sunday. Absolute bargain.

  • @Hint I picked up some bargains but didn't look at him unfortunately. My best pick was Suarez at 50p, bought more to average at 56p. I assume a big sell off purely because he didn't score in his last game.

  • This rise today is insane

  • @Hint Looking good to double your money on him in a few days

  • £4 looks big to me. Sentiment very high around him but can see him benched for the Belgium game and Villa's form to calm down.

    I'm a holder from back around August at about £4.30 and tempted to cash.

  • @Dave-B yeah. My overall buy price is 3.60 though. I'll be holding for sure either way.

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