What license is required ......

  • Might have already been asked, but what license (if any) do FI and Footstock need to be able to use the 'virtual' identities of footballers?


  • @Millerman FI will just need a gambling license because buying a share is just placing a bet

    Im unsure with FS as they are selling you an asset or collectible that you use to place a bet so id think they would need image licensing and permissions from clubs, players and leagues. Much like why PES uses fake clubs and players to fill in the gaps

  • @Black-Wolf so, with a business plan and an application to the gambling commission for a license pretty much anyone could do this?

    Oh and a shit load of start up cash?

    Did I say I had a dream last night and wrote it all down when I woke up this morning.....can send you a picture of my scribble if you want to see it - I can smell an opportunity here for you :-)

  • @Millerman im not sure to be honest. I do find it surprising none of the betting companies have set up their own index. Maybe there’s something that prevents it i honestly dont know

  • @Millerman I was thinking about why no one else has opened a competitor to FI and I suspect FI have some form of intellectual copyright!?

    That and start up would cost a fortune...

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