Deafening silence....

  • On FI twitter. No div winner announcement yesterday, nothing today...

    People on here sounding like oblivious fools on the Titanic, posting (probably lying) that they're buying the dip.. it's not a dip if it doesn't go back up.

    People keep saying, players are cheap, because of the divs. But the divs are wothless if players drop more than the divs they can win.

    Unless FI step in and fundamentally change the order book system, abandon it and go back to offering IS themselves, we will all see our investment drop to zero.

    Been in the index for just over a year. But anyone can see it's absoultely fucked now. The divs are pitiful returns really without an CA. Nobody would be attracted to join the platform and stay invested. And there is just no way CA will return under this botched system.

  • I've picked Salah up yesterday for £3.15 and I'm fairly confident he will return that over the next 3 years. I don't think he will depreciate to the point where I would be losing money to be honest.

    Yes the system is a bit f****** but just make sure you pick up the right players and your investment should not drop to zero unless you want to

  • @NewUser395078

    Wrong in everything you say except for the first statement. Congratulations on a great start to the week. I hope you don’t make yourself look so naive in “real life”!

  • @NewUser395078 I understand that can be settling. But the cap app you've seen before was a result of peole executing to receive increased dividends in the future (or at least it should have been). As peole and FI keep pointing to the yields are incredible at the moment, if you are prepared to hold a decent PB earner at these prices you should see a return on. I think it the days of players rising for no real reason have gone however just one gold day returns a huge % of the initial outlay.

    I do not think FI is sinking it is completely different animal to what it was a few months ago.

  • Yesterdays div winners are on my app, just been paid my Grealish divs and others, usually have to wait til just after 9am for all that.

  • I've also picked up Olmo, Nkunku, Coman, Dest... at ridiculous prices so whilst I don't like what I see from FI management side of things a lot would have to go wrong for my investment to go to zero

  • Without the CA, I certainly wouldn't have stayed invested for over a year, waiting for divs only, I, and most other people would get bored and leave. That's where we are now, and that's why the platform will die, without a serious reversal.

    The current system will not provide CA.

    Nobody is interested in investing just for divs, hoping their investment doesn't drop too much

  • There should be a zip folder on the forums, maybe titled 'RIP FI'. That's how many of these pointless threads have been posted.

    Reading the same drivel every single day. Waste of space and time.

  • @NewUser395078 what do you think caused the cap app in the old system? If you pick a player cheap who becomes a soild div earner people will be willing to pay more than you did as you took the initial risk.

  • @Meridismo04 So if people don't say what you want to hear, it's pointless?

    I think you'll find that 90% of users feel like this. and if nothing changes, those 90% will eventually give up and leave. Imagine the values of your players then...

  • If I could downvote your post anymore I would.

    You need to adapt and move with the times that OB brings.

    Let me give you an example;
    Sunday 07:58 - Placed bid on James Justin 0.80
    Sunday 08:15 - Bid accepted on James Justin @ 0.80
    Sunday 12:21 - Matched Instant Sell on James Justin 1.13
    Sunday 12:22 - Placed bid on James Justin 0.80
    Sunday 14:22 - Bid accepted on James Justin @ 0.80

    I have been doing this for about 10 days now, sometimes you have to be more patient or get unlucky but the spread eventually widens. If you chase, you will lose. You have to have a strategy to win on OB's - rather than come and bash FI for not being able to make money because sitting and doing nothing isn't going to work unless you plan on buying now and not logging in until 2022.

    Edit: The more you reply, the more you show yourself to have absolutely no idea on what moves the price on here.

  • @NewUser395078 where did you get your 90% figure from....plucked out of thin air I'd assume?

  • @Wynnston Because The old system allowed CA to easily happen. This system actively stops it.

    Do you all not understand this? Or just pretending not to?

  • @NewUser395078 People like you who have absolutely no understanding in what they are invested in, i consider pointless arguments.

    ' Nobody is interested in investing just for divs'. Every single player on the index, whether they are 10p or £10...their price is predicated on their dividend potential.

    So you're crying out for capital appreciation, yet you have no interest/understanding of how that comes about.

  • @Ddr Obviously, any FI bashing is exaggerated nonsense.

  • @NewUser395078 I think your showing that you may not fully understand the platform/mechanisms

  • @Highfields96 Most users do not want to do this. So they will leave.

    Chasing these imaginary high value traders FI seemingly want to attract, they have alienated almost all of their customer base.

  • @NewUser395078 I understand it is more difficult, just pointing out it is not impossible like you originally said. Take Chilwell (I hold) as an example, before the weekend his IS was around 1.80ish on Friday, at one point on Saturday you could sell for over 2.30. Maybe I do not understand but I think that is cap app under the new system. Same story for James and Lewandowski. I am not saying it is easy but please do not spew a load of crap saying it is impossible.

  • @Meridismo04 I do know what drives CA. I also know that unlike the old system, this new system actively stops it from happening.

    You're all like the "THIS IS FINE" dog meme it's hilarious.

  • @NewUser395078 6b4ee129-debb-4dc4-a5f6-01c1e4b9e8f2-image.png

    There you are mate, 17% capital appreciation.

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