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  • Please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

    If we can only list to sell at 1p under the buy price. How can any bids for less than this be accepted??

  • @NewUser29605 Instant Sell? Or do you mean when someone chucked a silly bid in ages ago below the bid zone and then someone accepts it when there's no other bids on the player (I think that's what happens)?

  • @NewUser29605 you can list yours to sell at the current price, higher or 1p below or you wait for a buy order at a price you like.

    If you don’t currently need to sell, then I wouldn’t list for sale below or except the very low instant sell prices.

    It’s currently a buyers market, but if you need the cash you’ll have to take what’s on offer.

  • @NewUser29605 i think basically if you list at 1p below you join an infinite queue because no one is paying top price at the moment.

    If you hit Instant sell you go to a far more expedient queue in which the price is commanded by an average (based on top 900 offers). The last bit needs a bit of finesse. But essentially if you hit instant sale you are thrown to the wolves.

  • What you're saying makes sense but I don't get why that would be the case (not to say it isn't, more that I don't understand...). Why would Sell Now be the average price of everyone and yet anyone new putting in a sale offer can only select Sell Now (low price) or a "Market Price" which nobody buys because it's too high? The key here being why you can't place your sell offer in the middle of the two. If both prices are controlled by users, I don't see why users can't place whatever price they want (or maybe any price above the Sell Now price)

  • @GeoffH because when we had the ability to do just that a few weeks ago prices absolutely crashed and people panicked, causing further drops, the 1p under is a temporary measure but is effectively neutering us

  • @GeoffH I think FI put the 1p baseline in place to put the brakes on the crash (and strategic negative trading). However, it has not really worked and just means we have endured a slow march towards the bottom. Salient speculation (on the forum) seems to be that the brakes will come off shortly or at least when NASDAQ arrives.

  • I've clearly not been following closely enough - so Nasdaq has not arrived? So who is powering the Order Book tech? Is it FI themselves? I've been somewhat likening this to stock trading software (can't remember specifics as I left finance years ago) but you were able to see full order book, volume etc... etc... is that what we are working towards? If that's the case I think that'll be great, but what we have today is not even close. Perhaps leveraging Nasdaq's tech alone is the solution I'm alluding to above.

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