Marc Roca - Bayern. Where does he fit in?

  • Just signed for Bayern. One of the best passers of a football i've seen for a while and many similarities to Xabi Alonso.

    He could be exceptional pinging long accurate balls over the top to the on-running Gnabry and Sane to put them through.

    But.......who does he replace??? Goretzka?? Tolisso?? Might be used in rotation, might only play a handful of games.

    Anyway not often you can pick up a talented Bayern midfielder for approx 60p on ME.

    I have.

  • @Jonesy-FI-WH He replaces Thiago surely? Perhaps not with the same immediate first team place, but longer term.

  • @Richio I'll be more than happy if he replicates Thiago's PB :)

  • Not seen much of him but I'd imagine he'd be in and out of the squad, needs a year to get on the weights before he can be a regular at Bayern haha! (judging from Groetzka ridiculous physique).

    Bit gutted cos I bought a load of Groetzkas and then it seems like they're trying to give Tolisso more minutes and a chance to take Thiago's spot. This signing might suggest they don't have faith in him to do this.

  • @Jonesy-FI-WH I've held since February and watched his price tumble in the meantime, was clear that he wouldn't stay at Espanyol if they got relegated, bought into Raul De Tomas for the same reason but that might need more patience.

    Bayern are actually light in midfield, Cusiance has gone, Tolisso remains but think he's more likely to play a little further forward. Roca plays at the base, quality passer of the ball, lots of similarities to Thiago in that regard. Given the fixture congestion, he's likely to get plenty of minutes anyway off the bench in the first instance but I wouldn't be surprised to see him replacing Goretkza later in the season. Think he will post decent PB when he plays, his scores were decent given his team got whacked most weeks.

  • Maybe replaces Javi Martinez? He had links with Bilbao a couple of weeks ago

  • @Pez

    Yeah, I think so.

    Hoping Javi Martinez actually gets his move back to Bilbao, as scoring the winner in that Super Cup would be a great way to sign off at Bayern. Never thought that Martinez would win me some MB!

  • Had him on my watchlist for months. Will try and pick up on the sell-off first time he does something. Expect him to be bit-part for a while but certainly one with a big big future.

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