• I've come to the conclusion that Mourinho makes players worse after a season at Old Trafford. He has been left behind by younger managers like Pep and Klopp, whose football has been great to watch this season. With this in mind I will probably avoid players that are being linked to United, while being more interested in players like Martial who can restart their career at a new club.

  • @NewUser139880 From a PB perspective this is a good point. Managers like Pep at City and Sarri at Napoli definitely play a role in the scores players consistently get, especially the defenders who are involved in possession-based build-up play. And Mourinho does seem to be a bit of a PB killer. However, Man U are still the biggest media magnets, so in terms of transfer season I think it's an error to ignore the inevitable price rises and potential dividends on the basis of the manager. Just sell before the move is confirmed! 😅

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