Cat Amongst The Pidgeons

  • I thought I'd kick off today's entertainment with a couple of recent gems from the great EJ for your delectation. Both accurate and sound advice. With regards to the latter of the two below......who can he mean? :-)

    'There is a feeding frenzy going on right now and more sharks are depositing and turning up for the feast.

    If you are panicking please stop throwing your hard earned money away and feeding the sharks - prices start snapping back to peak as soon as this happens.'


    'For every seller there has to be a buyer - FI have never been in a better position financially.

    Of course there are mechanic and trader confidence issues, but that can be solved in short order. BUT beware there are people that left a while ago stirring up trouble'

  • @Le-Blanc certainly lots of movement this morning.

  • @DW For the first 15 mins odd when the market opened was alot of money being spent, then alot being sold.

    I chanced my arm and managed to free up some money from Mbappe, was only 50 shares and got out in profit so im happy with that.
    Every bullet counts right now, just need to figure out the best time and place to strike.

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