So Much Value...£1.00-£2.00 (ish)

  • Been trying my best over the last week to free up some funds and find some gems...i made a bit of a blunder selling up on Bruno when i shouldve held my nerve but i guess you cant get every call right... moving forward i can not believe the players that are sitting under the 'elite' that are either proven PB players or simply have huge potential. players who stand out as being great value:

    CHO - 1.85/2.38
    Fabian Ruiz - 1.62/2.14
    Federico Chiesa - 1.56/1.94
    Mikel Oyarzabal - 1.72/1.91
    Julian Brandt - 1.37/1.79
    Leon Goretzka - 1.48/1.73
    Nicolo Zaniolo - 1.19/1.65
    Lorenzo Pellegrini - 1.20/1.59
    Dwight Mcneil - 1.11/1.45
    Stefano Sensi - 1.07/1.42
    Lee Kang-In - 0.98/1.30
    Nicolo Barella - 1.01/1.24
    Milot Rashica - 0.90/1.13
    Justin Kluivert - 0.75/0.95

    I cant help feeling this price band is where the value is now!

    Feel free to add others on par with these - or disagree...

  • @G27 I like the post, I hold four of these as they are all in the red. The four I mention are all young and going euros baring an injury. Thanks this had made me feel a bit better about my choices

  • I actually hold quite a few of these, unfortunately almost universally at higher prices, but would just be cautious in some cases due to their uncertainty to play e.g Hudson-Odoi is by no means first choice at Chelsea, Zaniolo has a long term injury, Chiesa just signed for Juve

    The ones who are more nailed on to play are certainly worth dipping into!

  • agree on CHO and zaniolo being higher risk...the way i look at those is with CHO i dont think he'll need to show too much to see an increase, i feel like people on here are waiting for him to do well (hopefully it will come), but we know hes been backed on FI before in a fairly big way and hes still only 19.
    with Zaniolo - i guess he is that price because of the injury but i see him as a possible generational talent - fitness an obvious risk though

  • I've held Mcneil and Kluivert for some time so I am massively down on them but content to hold for the long term and both have potential. I'm interested to see how Kluivert gets on at RBL.

    I've just posted this on the ME thread but worth mentioning here as he's gone under the radar of late - Wylan Cyprien. Is available at £1.15/1.20 at the moment. Just moved to Parma and he's got an excellent PB record. He had one of the highest PB averages for a player under £2 when at Nice. Nothing guaranteed at a new club of course but could be a great hold.

    Other favourites are Kramaric and Carvajal, both good PB performers, who I think are undervalued currently.

  • Aouchiche - £2.25
    Caqueret - £1.20
    Ings - £1.28

    All won PB for the 1st time in the last few months. Should be more to come from them.

  • These guys are all rubbish and seriously overvalued!

    Hey, a lot of these guys are on my shortlist so can we save the pumping until after I’ve bought them please? Sssshhh.... 🤫

  • @Luke I’m in the same boat wondered why my bids had stop being matched 🤣

  • Lee Kang In has plumetted and quite rightly, had been very ineffective and only gets a half each game. But...if you buy in now at 99p could be a good buy, I got in at 1.40 :(

  • ASM looked unplayable against burnley getting him at £1.24 - £1.30

  • Brandt appears to have lost his place at Dortmund, starting on the bench. Yes, I hold!

  • i hold all of these apart from CHO who for some reason i cant get excited about. there are a few more id add. alberto and nkunku come to mind

  • @Pez such a great player, and I want to get him purely as an insurance bet for when he leaves the Toon. It's inevitable he'll go to a better team so you should see a rise in his price when he does.

    The only problem is he goes quiet against big teams but that's not necessarily his fault, we play so defensive that he barely sees the ball or has any one attacking with him.

    Class player. Vieira questioned his personality and end product but from what I've seen at the Toon with Bruce putting his arm round him and keeping him sweet, he has been top class.

    We have three tough games coming up, United (will want to prove a point after Spurs), Wolves (we normally give them a good game but don't fancy our chances) and Everton (have started very well). If he has a quiet spell through those games, might be able to get him even cheaper. Then you've got 3 of 4 games that we can win and should be playing more through ASM so good for IPD and potential cheeky PB in there.

    But for me he is all about long term cap app, guaranteed to move on to a big club for a decent fee in the next two years.

  • Agreed. Lo Celso too - £1.24 sell price - will be key man for us this season and has PB pedigree.

  • @Hotspur that is cheap, looks to finally be stepping into Eriksen's shoes.

  • Ruslan Malinovskyi - brilliant player. Should have his moments in that Atalanta team. Will get a big move if he doesn't play enough. Key player for Ukraine at Euros too.

  • @JK
    You can't vote for yourself mate 😉😂

  • For balance I'll throw in Joao Cancelo and Yacine Adli as well then!

  • Another word on Berardi, scored tonight for Italy - hadn't even considered the fact he might be part of their Euros team.

    Weirdly Italy also gave Sassuolo striker Caputo his debut tonight at 33 and he scored.

  • @howsthebacon yeah i noticed that. Very unexpected considering the options italy have

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