Why is it when I try to sell to market it’s always Suspended?

  • Every time for the last week my sales have been suspended.

  • @NewUser144426

    I'd email support ...

    But I assume it's because you are trying to 'quick sell' futures? We all experience this and it appears that it's used to reduce volatility in the market.

    At the weekend, it happened with the player Kike from Eibar. He was top of the player buzz, prior to the 2pm deadline, and people were throwing cash at him ... Ultimately he lost out to Ademola, and everyone then started attempting to quick sell. During the course of the day, his price had roughly risen from 40p to 80p and then everyone began to quick sell when they realised they weren't gonna win the PB.

    It appeared to me that they suspended the quick sell for a good hour, and then it became available again.

    Like I said, it happens to us all. But if this doesnt sound like the solution, give the support team an email.


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