And Wildcard of the season is...

  • The tubby enigmatic Belgian. Eden Hazard.

    5kg too heavy, injury prone but he’s got wands for feet and something to prove. Creative force behind a decent Belgium squad and desperately needed by Zidane to improve Real’s fortunes.

    Currently available without an IS option.

    Am I a crazy fool for buying at £2 and thruppence? Or inspired genius. You decide.

    Post your wildcard for the season below.

  • Diogo Jota if you can get on at the current IS price

  • Tbh i'd say you're crazy.

    So many bargains amongst safe div returners, there's no need to take risks on players in freefall..

    Wouldnt be surprised if Zidane never picks him again. He's that kind of guy

  • Like this thread

    not got alot to back it up but i have a feeling about Justin Kluivert - if he can get a run of games for a really attacking team (a bit like Ajax) i think he could really start to gain some confidence and show what he's capable of...

    also as a possible breakthrough, i think if Sociedad continue to do well - they will need to utilise full squad for Europa League which could mean we see more of Roberto Lopez this year.

  • With the huge discounts on so many good players there are too many wildcards to mention!

    There are loads for under 70p or so who could have great returns.

    Someone like Kampl at Leipzig could prove to be ridiculously cheap.

  • @Luke hard to argue with a £2.03 buy price if Hazard even has half a good season especially with Euros as well.

    I reasonably can't see him being worse off price wise unless he has another big injury.

    My wildcard is Dennis Geiger at Hoffenheim, think he's got a shout to make it into the full German team this sesson and still only 22. Risk is though he falls into that category of good player with a bad PB.

  • I mean THE wildcard of the season has to be Pogba...Bale is also another interesting one. Personally gone for James Maddison, been getting bids accepted around £2.70/80, think I read somewhere that last season he had the most 200+ scores for any U'23 midfielder or something like that (can't remember exactly what), Europa league this season too now, however doesn't currently get in the side...hoping that's due to match fitness though

  • I’m going o dembele, i dont think he’ll extend is contract and if he gets fit he’ll rocket.

    He’s probably the cheapest player on the index per pound.....for talent at a young age.

  • @Tom77 the problem is he’s made of bloody glass

  • @Sav2000 said in And Wildcard of the season is...:

    @Tom77 the problem is he’s made of bloody glass

    That’s the wild card mate.
    He’s only just 23.

  • I'm going TAMMY ABRAHAM!

    That is all

  • Brahim Diaz to have a massive season and establish himself as the next 'high involvement' forward like Depay or Dybala who only needs a single goal to challenge on gold days at an upwardly mobile AC Milan, and hopefully make the Euros as a result

  • Nicolas Gonzalez

  • Does Suarez count as a wildcard?

  • Just Seen Marco Van Ginkel back to PSV...always liked him - they could do well in europa league with Van Ginkel, Gotze, Malen, Max, Gakpo

  • Im buying mine with my NBB so ill let you know then

  • @Black-Wolf ooooh you tease!

  • Neal Maupay to continue his scoring run, hit 23 league goals, be called up by France to Euro 2021 and get a big money move to PSG...

    Strangers things have happened 😄

  • Not that wild but Jules Kounde has got everything to be the best CB in European football. Next 12 months will be huge, likely to be in the Euros and a big transfer in the summer. Just add an occasional goal and will be a PB winner given his pass completion rate.

  • @G27 RBL will be an interesting one this year, looks as though they've made decent additions with the Werner money.

    Kluivert (don't hold), Hee-Chan (hold) both have good potential in the set-up.

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