Time to spend

  • Looks like we are at the bottem

  • How do you come to that conclusion given FI’s hands are in with the 1p below buy now price limit?

  • Kind of know what you mean, I had 4 straight days of madness, where I was bidding below the instant sell price and picking up so many bargains!!!

    I've now had two days of not being able to get the same players for 4-6p above IS price, so we might have reached a low point, or, market value at the current time.

  • @NewUser549344 Foootsi up first day for ages . Also go look at prices they have settled .. wake yourself up and have a look 😂

  • @Doddy if they've settled, are we at the bottom? Isn't the bottom when players hit their lowest price which was couple of days ago (Bruno at £6 for example). Now isn't the time to buy in terms of bottoming out, the time to buy was then but of course no one knew where the bottom was so they were being cautious.

    I bought a little on the way down and I'm a bit gutted I didn't get more Kimmich, Lewandowski, Bruno for example but a few other experienced members have said, this probably won't be the last dip we see over the coming months, especially with the 1p restriction being removed 'soon'.

    I'd never suggest not to buy though, I'm still buying a few players I think are still good value (Messi, Kane, Aubemayang etc).

  • @howsthebacon yes correct mate I’ve been buying with my dividends but some people are waiting .. I don’t think it will be going any lower .. just my opinion but there are signs

  • @Doddy not for now but nothing has changed in terms of updates from FI, looks like some big spenders decided to mop up the bargains and in turn gave the market a nudge or it was MMs doing a similar thing. Not sure how long the positive upturn will last given that it wasn't really based on anything concrete - unless FI aim to have MMs working away on a regular basis.

    I'm sure there'll be further dips but I'm trying not to concern myself with the port value at the moment, if we have dips, I'll be topping up.

  • The fact that things are pretty stable now is reassuring to me, particularly during a period when there are no league games for a fortnight. IS values have gone up considerably and you’d imagine the market will move upwards as the leagues are about to resume and after the second deposit bonus period kicks in. The value available has been insane in the last few days, but that appears to be over for now, more’s the pity.

  • I'd say this is a good time to buy. Prices seem to be holding up ok and FI or whoever did the pump yesterday might come back for more. We're also in a bonus period followed by another bonus period so prices will naturally increase. We might see a small correction after the bonus so that might be another good time to buy. Of course we can always go down from here and that presents yet another good opportunity to buy but I prefer to be invested already than trying to time the absolute bottom, I can manage my holdings better that way.

  • @howsthebacon this is it. I’d actually love another dip in the next ten days, to clean up with some bargains, trade between the spread a bit and enjoy the rockets before the next match weekend.

  • I was holding off until next week to throw my last £200 in on some bargains and get my bonus on phase 1, held off a bit too long as it seems the prices will be strong going into next week. Intend to spend it still if the right deal comes along, should bring my total spent in phase 1 to around 500-600 which will give me about 40 quid bonus. Will reinvest this and any dividends and hopefully get a little bonus in phase 2 too.

  • When is the time to sell? Been holding players i want to get rid of for ages but not for an L

  • We reached the bottom 2 days ago - don't forget, a lot of traders have sold as much as they can to free up capital and take advantage of the net spend bonus part 2 - from the 16th (9 days away), prices are likely to significantly rise

  • @Richio said in Time to spend:

    @howsthebacon this is it. I’d actually love another dip in the next ten days, to clean up with some bargains, trade between the spread a bit and enjoy the rockets before the next match weekend.

    Lessons have been learned. People that were panicking last week now hoping it happens again. You learn fast young padawan 😂 although i think we need a little more of an upturn to encourage buying first before more drops. It could still go either way

  • Any idea when the 1p restriction handbrake will be removed?

  • @Doddy said in Time to spend:

    Looks like we are at the bottem

    Might be unpopular opinion but personally not sure we've quite hit bottom but happy to be proved wrong. What we've seen is people aceepting low ass bids. Now once order books are fully operational as they should work, i think you'll see further decline then hopefully buying at the buy price to start to clear those sell orders and prices rise. Obviously this won't happen overnight for every player but a gradual rise initally for those who perform, if someone looks cheap or an opportunity that has arose short term. I think longer term there will be a gradual increase in most areas (unless some leaves PB league or retires) although for example and pump alert i think Philip Max at 17p is an absolute bargain personally....

  • @Shippers He just moved to PSV

  • I have a decent amount of money saved to deposit, but I'm not going to yet, think there will still be some decent short term drops when the stabilisers are taken off. Am reinvesting my dividends but not depositing yet

  • I think some players have hit bottom or never had to fully fall (i.e. get to the point where they had no instant sell price), but quite a few still have some way to go.

  • I've noticed that the spreads are tightening, even on some of my riskier holds who aren't due to play in tomorrow's PB matches.

    Tight spreads should make the 1p v 10p restriction on 'offers' a lot less important, because no one will be able to offer 10p below the buy price, when there's an instant sell price sitting there at say 5p below.

    I am no expert on Order Books, but I suspect that tight spreads are a precursor to increases in buy price and growth generally.

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