Erick Pulgar?

  • Has anyone got any insight into this guy? Currently £1 off his peak of £2.40 (albeit from Oct 2019) and IS price of £1.11 seems incredible value for a player who won 28p in PB divs in 2019/20 season? He doesn't appear to have played or been on the bench in any of Fiorentina's first 3 league games though and I cannot see that he is in the Chile squad for their upcoming games. Despite this I can't find any information about him being injured? Has he pissed someone off at Fiorentina? Has he got Covid? Am I missing something? Very tempted to invest as believe he had some set pieces at Fiorentina last year and chipped in with 7 goals and a number of assists last season. Just don't want to jump on a player who is injured or out of favour and might not play for a while? Anyone know more than I do?

  • @FI_Gump @MickTurbo is your man, a holder and will have the info.

  • I've been topping up. He's a good PB hold and is usually on pens too.

    I think he may have had his head turned in the summer - was linked with Leeds for a bit (who wasn't) but would imagine he'll be reingratiated soon enough.

  • He's had Covid a few times and was linked to Leeds. I believe he wasn't in the most recent squad because of links away, rather than Covid, but I must admit I'm not as well connected in Florence as I once was.

    I'd expect to see him back in the first team soon, and if so, he's an unbelievable buy at £1.11. Takes set pieces so has a high base score and is also on penalties, so very capable of a big PB score.

  • I was thinking of getting involved too but waiting to see how things shake up with Amrabat who is playing in the centre and could take a lot of Pulgars PB?

  • holder and big fan of pulgar for a potentially massive yield. my only concern currently is how Chiesa leaving will affect Fiorentina and their ability to dominate possession, score goals and win games etc - all helps to PB scores after all for passes, assists etc.

  • @Harford-is-God thanks for that, will wait and see if @MickTurbo has a chance to drop any info gems on the thread.

    Thanks everyone else as well. I am definitely keen to get involved, might well take a punt before the next round of games as Fiorentina play Spezia away then Udinese home which look winnable for them. £1.11 just screams value and he has been hovering around this price for some time!

  • I hold him and he’s a solid PB hold. Managed to top up on him at 1.11 also, which is crazy. I’m expecting him to be back in the team for their next match.

    @MickTurbo is your man though for all of the stats on this guy but he’s a solid hold at a good price 👍🏼

  • @Snrub ive been thinking this as amrabat is a very busy player. ive got him recently ( held pulgar for his pb wins) do you rate amrabat hightly? he is so much cheaper. i would like to think he could win pb on a very good day

  • @jonathan-rolfe I haven't honestly seen a lot of him but he does seem to have good passing and decent dribbling. I just noticed he's been playing in the middle the last few games.

    Surely they want to keep Pulgars in the side for his delivery on deadballs tho so maybe the plan is to play them both together? Just a wait and see really

  • @FI_Gump

    Yeh hes had the COVID mate. Missed the last few games so unless hes having a really tough time with it, which I'm sure we would have known about, then almost certainly hes gonna be back in the team for the next fixtures which, by and large, are very favourable between now and christmas.

    Takes penalties and I cant remember him missing one, takes corners as well. Gets all over the pitch, puts up big scores. Has been as high as £2.40 under the previous divs structure. I was over the moon to buy at average of £1.28 some time ago. Barring ppl like Kimmich and Gnabry who smashed the IPDs promo and and in the case of Kimmich, smashed the CL playoffs gold days, Pulgar is one of my very biggest yielders and I expect him to return his buy price before this season is over. If you can get on, even via the blue button, then you're spending money wisely. Hes unlikely to rocket in the next week or so, so maybe keep a close eye, and delay your buy till as late in this break as possible in order to maximize IPDs

  • @MickTurbo that's great stuff really appreciate your feedback, seems like you have been a fan for a while. I have seen how good his PB scores can be, not sure there is much better value out there for the returns he can potentially offer.

    I am pretty convinced, but like you said will probably wait to maximize IPD's. Even if our old pal Covid keeps him down for a little longer he definitely would be a long term hold anyway.

  • @FI_Gump yeh mate. I originally bought him after he frustrated me. I held fat Hazard when he tore West Ham apart scoring 2 and 1 worldie in one of his last games for Chelsea, and was denied star man by Pulgar who iirc just had an assist. Decided to have a really good look at him and found that it was no fluke. Great FI player in my view. Was already massively suppressed. Has been pretty solid throughout COVID/OB/brown sundays so is likely at rock bottom with virtually no soft money in him

  • @MickTurbo thanks for this. hes been one of my favourites since i joined in january. was wondering whether to top up but this has convinced me. one of the few pb machines under 27. ive been thinking he could go the way of hakan last season in terms of increase

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