Best buys between 50p - £1.00 bracket?

  • Hi guys I would like to ask you experienced traders who do you think are the best buys between this price range? long term or short term?

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    Hi guys I would like to ask you experienced traders who do you think are the best buys between this price range? long term or short term?

    Anyone who takes penalties.
    Two of my cheeky ones are kakuta and veretout.

  • These are my holds that meet your description, so there will be some pumping here.

    Dabbur (Hoffenheim) is getting a lot of praise recently, I only recently bought in. Hoffenheim look like a decent side this season and you can get one of their forwards for about 50p.

    Sergi Roberto (Barcelona) just recently picked him up, chance of being in TOTM and he already has an assist to his name. Might not play every week this season but he generally plays around 40+ games a season and is pretty versatile. Still only 28 as well. Hard to get bids matched but you can get him around 42p.

    Dubois (Lyon) I'd never heard of him but he's a big FI favourite, attacking full back who grabbed a goal during the bonus IPD period. His IS varies but if you get him on a Monday he can go as low as 50p but then hit around 70p on match days.

    Ben Yedder (Monaco) valued over a £1 but not many bids on him atm and you can get him for 80p. Won PB recently but Monaco look a bit inconsistent so never really know what you'll get from him. He is also a French international though and only 30, still got a couple of seasons left in him.

    In terms of long term under £1, can't look past the keepers. Courtois is very cheap compared to other elite team keepers and he has the Euros. Oblak I'll always pump as he's made me some dividends so far. I'd say Ederson is pretty cheap atm as is Pope - who should get a move away from Burnley and hopefully be in net for England this summer.

  • Loads. Some of my favourites...


  • @JK see Neuhaus' tidy finish for Germany the other night?

  • @howsthebacon Yep. Good debut for him. Although he was dispossessed for Turkey's second goal. He seems very likely to be a regular in their squad.

  • My favourite player in this price range is actually a Keeper:

    David Soria (Getafe) - Soria has won GK PB twice already this season and is a really positive performer in this area. Currently valued at 59p. Over 3 years, I think he'll show nice returns.

    In terms of outfield players, a couple of suggestions would be:

    Dodi Lukebakio (Hertha Berlin) - think he'll really grow as a player over a 3 year hold. Pacey winger with a decent goal scoring output and starting to creep into the Belgium national team set up.

    Boubacar Kamara (Marseille) - Ball playing defender with serious ability. Plays defensive midfield regularly so good PB game. Links to major European clubs and a French youth international who is one of the first names on the team sheet at club level.

    Jules Kounde (Sevilla) - Another outrageous French youth CB. I think he has a very strong PB game but at the moment has to compete with Jesus Navas, and recently Sergio Reguilon too. Like Kamara, I think he's going to the very top and is currently a regular in a side that challenges towards the top end of La Liga and competes in Europe pretty much every season.

  • @JK saw him referred to as the German Harry Winks - not sure how I feel about that haha.

  • I'd second Kounde - thing is he has just shot up in price - might be best to hold off til after the next game week but he's still cheap considering his potential.

  • @howsthebacon You should able to add anywhere between 85p-95p right now. Think he'll hover steadily in that 85p-1.00 range for the next few months unless he picks up a few PB wins/TOTM win. Longer term I'm expecting PB game growth as he gets more experience, EPL and Real Madrid links to drive him up and hopefully a French national team spot. Need to be a serious talent to even scratch the surface on their CB options.

  • @howsthebacon said in Best buys between 50p - £1.00 bracket?:

    @JK saw him referred to as the German Harry Winks - not sure how I feel about that haha.

    Poor comparison that. He's a much bigger goal threat and more forward thinking and creative. Probably has as many shots in a month as Winks does in a season!

  • I managed to pick up a few real gem's this week:

    ![0_1602236891627_Screenshot_20201009-174658.png](Uploading 100%)

    Quina: 20 year old U21 Portuguese international, getting games at Watford, who I imagine with their half decent team and money coming in from transfers will be back in the premier League next season, so price likely to rise.

    Kehrer: Young and plays for PSG, getting game time and playing well, I think he's undervalued based on his performances and potential!!

    Mwepu: Key centre midfielder for Red bull Salzberg, we all know the type of football they play and the reason why so many top teams pay good money for their players. He gets assists and is young, looks like a big move on the horizon.

    Sadiq:. Scouted by Man Utd, and transfer links this summer past. Has a great goal scoring record and is still very young.

    Conan: Shot on the scene recently with a few wonder goals, one for his national Romania. He's young and very talented, he'll be moving on soon, links all over the place with him.

    Also, have a look at Vallejo, CB for Granada, who are playing in euro this season, he's strong, and young and £0.26p.

    Rico, PSG backup keeper, Navas is getting old and Rico also represents national, get him for £0.30p.

    Ojo, Liverpool player on loan to Cardiff, look what a decent season in the championship did for Brewster's price! He is £0.26p.

    And last one, Grimaldo for Benfica, he's a wing back, gets quite a few assists and one or two goals, linked to Barcelona and a few others, he will move on next year, without doubt. You can get him for around £0.50p

  • Funny as this is the area that I have mostly bought into players over the years and this 50p-£1 market is the area where my players have taken the biggest pounding with monumental spreads!

  • Two players whom are PB ready.

    Canales at Betis.
    Hoffman at Gladbach.

    Both posting very good scores and I'd be extremely surprised if they both don't win some PB this season.

  • Niane is turning into a goal machine. Around 85p

  • Think Ter Stegen is a bit undervalued compared to some other keepers, someone who could be a bit of a punt is Kevin Volland. Joined Monaco and had a pretty good record for Bayer, so should be able to keep it up in France, around 65p when I checked his IS price (don't hold)

  • For the record i think the less than 50p market has the most bargains and when you can get 2 shares for the price of one in this bracket should be a no brainer.

    The most undervalued player in the 50p - 1.00 is Ederson.

  • Wow thanks for the reply guys got some great options to consider now

  • @Toptom I would be interested to know the players you have in mind in this price bracket

  • Darwin Machis, Giovanni Simeone, Joao Pedro, Alassane Plea, you can get Kevin Lasagna for about 30p. Eleven goal involvements last season for Udinese.

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