A dilemma wrapped in a problem...

  • Okay so being the anti-guru of FI that I am, I have an issue!

    Decided Tuesday was a good time to refresh players and try and get them a bit cheaper, all was going well (Di Maria, Depay, Messi, Dybala and Salah all bought back within 24 hours)

    But then, the market decides to rise and now I have £800 worth of bids that are well under the actual lowest bids!! :)

    So, do I increase my bids now, using the profit I will make from the 8.25% bonus (net buys around £120) or leave them until the 14th and cancel them off and re-buy after the 16th using the 8.25% on the £800 to cover the probable increase in price?

  • @Marksandygill depends on the player you risk them going up further, tough call buddy

  • Deal in the known, what you're happy to pay, most players are still at excellent prices. We don't have any idea of the market depth but you can see the spreads tightening significantly in the last 24 hours. Think you buy now and it blows your deposit bonus calculations, depending on your player choices.

  • I’d use it as an opportunity to review the players in your port. Maybe others are more appealing at current prices?

  • I’ve largely given up trying to refresh for this very reason. Nearly didn’t get Gosens back yesterday. I think I’ll leave it until the next match day spikes now, or if there’s another dip.

  • @Marksandygill Many got burnt trying to 'time the bottom'. They knew what players they wanted, yet waited and waited for their price to continue falling- but it didn't.

    Pick a price you're currently willing to pay for each player and stick to it. If you hold off, then the exact same thing will happen as before when prices were falling, yet in reverse.

    A fundamental law of trading is that trying to time perfect entries/exits will do more harm than good, it's also close to impossible because we cannot predict the future.

    Even if you buy now, and prices fall- then you can take advantage of the pullback and bring your average cost down.

  • If you can always buy first worst case then you end up with extra shares if they a good player you can sell the none eligible ipd shares wen they score assist or clean sheet on a spike within that month

  • I'm trying to avoid chasing a player rising. If I want in on a player but he keeps rising I'll move onto someone else. A lot of buys on DCL and Son at the minute. I won't go near them as all they need is three weeks without a goal and the sales will be flooding in

    Chances are they will be plenty of drops in the next week or two so there'll be opportunities to pick players up on the cheap if they have a bad week

  • Think I'm going to leave the bids as they are (obviously risk the market going fooking mental on the 2nd part of the deposit bonus) for now, I might put in slightly higher bids on a couple of in form players

    And I'll also learn a valuable lesson from this... :) At least the market is looking better at the moment!

  • I think we're set for volatility... Low bids in and patience ready for next dip, market listing and patiently waiting for next rise. I wouldn't worry about missing any rises, I don't think we will get back to the steady growth that we've seen as the risks are higher than back then, there'll be a lot more of chicken playing to be done.

  • You might want to check the depth of the other offers, I find that a-lot of the time there are only 1 or 2 offers at the high bid and you can just sit in the gaps around and still get matched.

  • @Marksandygill did tell you the other day we are at the bottem and time to buy lol

  • @Marksandygill You and I are in a similar boat.

    I was trading in and out of the spreads and it was all going well untill the market decided to start going back up...
    I wasnt ready damn it!!

    Im almost hoping it will all build up to another sunday sell off lol just so I can get back in.

    Got alot of bids that aint getting matched, nice having money sitting there tho incase shit goes tits up.

  • @Kanzz yeah pretty sure I was about 24 hours late selling and rebuying as I still managed to bag a few cheap deals!

    Even with the increases prices are still ridiculously low, so I'm going to write it off as a learning experience and focus on divs!😆

  • @Marksandygill Prices are so low just now, even if the trade dosnt go well, you cant go to wrong just buying back in a bit higher, you will most prob still profit down the line imo.

    Just hurts the ego more than anything else lol

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