FI update

  • What thinks we all?

    Nothing concrete, but at least they are listening and accept that they fucked order book implementation.

  • @Richio It all sounds lovely but fuck me this company loves an update doesn't it.

    Also no dates...

  • @GH you need regular updates if you keep getting stuff wrong....

  • People complained there wasn't enough comms so this is only a positive.

  • @howsthebacon Not me!

    Give us comms when there is an update.

    Anyway, pleased to see some good sentiment. I'm not interested in investing further until we have a proper market personally.

  • Reads like they're accepting that their customers may have a better idea of how to get them where they want to go than they actually do themselves.

    They have listened to the things a lot of people were annoyed about though & accepted suggested fixes.

  • Thats the communication i have been hoping to see with it addressing the issues that the majority want implemented now hopefully they can get it all working properly with no more mistakes and justify me buying back in over the last month with the hope that this is the bottom of the market and the platform is going to take off again

  • Improving sentiment was vital. I do think this is a step in the right direction.

  • It's amazing.

    And.......they are the market makers and they come from down the way and they play, what do they play'

  • @howsthebacon said a lot.. yet said nothing.

  • @OneBigHoliday true, not saying it meant much at all but it's just nice to have some comms even when there is no news, reassurance that things are still moving in the right direction. Markets are so sensitive, little bit of reassurance and the sentiment suddenly changes even though nothing has actually happened, fascinating.

    I'm actually creaming a few shares off on some of my main holds as I'm expecting this to fade a bit in the coming days.

  • @howsthebacon I’m hoping for a dip. Much easier to refresh and trade between the spreads before the rockets on 16th.

  • FI is a pioneering company. There’s nothing like it out there. I don’t think there is a company in the world that could have got it right first time out. Because by its nature, a new concept like FI is having to break new ground and systematically review and update itself. It’s learning through trial an error. There’s no blueprint.
    The improvement in comms is welcomed. They are holding their hands up and admitting their education and comm’s on OrderBooks simply wasn’t good enough.
    And the fact the are listening to traders idea’s (many of which are entrepreneurs and stock market traders in their own right) is a master stroke. It’s free advice. Anyone who thinks it’s a sign of weakness should take a look how all big companies bully customers to leave feedback - “ just leave some feedback and you’ll be entered into our prize draw!”
    Also happy they’ve put a Stock-Market style “fuse breaker” on to prevent anymore Brown Sunday’s. I don’t like my Sundays Brown.

  • @howsthebacon they have never revealed their results of Brown Sunday have they...? I get the sentiment of hearing something, and the listening to the customer base, but still. To not have a finished product or at least a visible end isn’t great imo.

  • Amazing that £43m went into the index and it still tanked!! Just shows the difference in pricing mechanisms and how this order book system can swallow liquidity without making a blind bit of difference to prices. That said - it's a new system and will take some getting used to.

    I think that is as close as a company can give to a decent apology for the last little bit so overall I'm fairly happy. Unfortunately no idea of specific dates and the recycle mechanism wasn't mentioned.

  • @OldUser731 said in FI update:

    mazing that £43m went into the index and it still tanked!

    I think that's just turnover both buyers & sellers not £43m net i actually think probably more like £23m sales £20m buys & £3m hit the exit but still £1/2m commission.

  • @Richio I'm not sure what you mean, waiting for a dip? This is a dip, it's a proper dip. I may be mistaken but on brown Sunday did you not sell up?

  • @Millerman they play the market....?

  • @AndydfopT he sold up and bought back in during the last few weeks but I think he means he is waiting for the next dip which is sort of inevitable as the FI update hasn't really resolved anything, just assured us they are still working on stuff.

    The prices will dip slightly before phase 2 of the bonus I reckon.

  • Someone needs to bookmark and save this so we can refer back to it in a few months time. As said, FI love an update, but how much actually comes through as promised down the line - Precious little if we are being honest.

    So, for example, where they say "the last thing we want to do is rush a Media Monitor release without having completed comprehensive back-testing and forward-testing", let's get that saved for when Evra or Crouch next appear on the MB list again or a Grealish story stands despite its questionable ethics, or you know any of the other issues and problems that MB has (See the MB transparency thread)

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