• What has ACTUALLY changed? 🀷

    I may have missed something in the small print but aren't we exactly as we were? πŸ€”

    Oh, media review delayed again, but hopefully in before the close of 2020.

    Dave from work experience has to run a few more tests...... 😳

  • @Ericali we’ve had an apology and acknowledgment that they fucked up; that all helps sentiment. The main thing is depth of bids is coming.

    Just need them to deliver on it now or we’ll be back to square one

  • @Sav2000 I don't think we have moved from square one.

    We knew depth of market was coming didn't we?

    Still none the wiser when 🀷

  • @Ericali Inclined to agree mate.

    Happy to see positivity but it really is baseless.

  • Happy to finally see my port showing a plus value at least πŸ‘Š

  • @Ericali said in Soooooooooooooooooooo.......:

    I don't think we have moved from square one.

    A bit of hand holding & reassurance that they aren't actually as incompetent & unprofessional as they often demonstrate isn't such a bad thing. Reestablishing trust, confidence & positive market sentiment will be a long, slow process but every journey starts with the first tentative step & that's what this communication provides.

    It also shows that FI are prepared to finally accept some responsibility for much of the self inflicted damage & start really listening to their customers & addressing the main issues. Yes we need it to be backed up by delivery but as one of their harshest critics I see this as a good start.

  • @Ericali got to take solace in the fact they are admitting to their errors and saying they are working on a solution.

    Getting political, but I wish the UK government would admit this on anything right now and it's why I have more confidence Adam Cole & co than I do in the leaders of this country

  • @Geronimo159387 I can accept that. πŸ‘

    Hold a few hands & tell the needy all will turn out fine.

    But for those who didn't need our hands holding, it's all talk & no action.

    All what they will do, but none of the when.

    Only thing confirmed is the new media system has been put back again. 😐

  • @Moukoko I always had faith in Adam & his cronies to get it right πŸ‘

    I just want to know WHEN this is happening & not just a bunch of hot air πŸ˜‚

  • @Ericali well there’s now a proper communicated roadmap, acknowledgement of the issues and a promise to do better going forward. The market is up and confidence is improved.

    Sounded pretty good to me? The only thing missing for me was a deep dive into the sequence of events leading up to me ordering a new underwear wardrobe.

  • @Ericali said in Soooooooooooooooooooo.......:

    But for those who didn't need our hands holding, it's all talk & no action

    True but just look at the market reaction, rising slowly, just like those of us who had confidence all along predicted, don't underestimate the positive power of green numbers. I too would have liked some firm dates but not if they were going to miss them better to under promise & over deliver - i just hope that's FI strategy too.

  • I'll be honest, I am astonished that we still dont have a timeline on market depth. Such a vital part of order books and showing the true state of the market. It should be nearly here! The fact there is no timeline means we are looking at another month minimum without it. Sure, it's not a silver bullet, but god damn it is important. It's all very well apologising, and I really like how they are going to produce training materials (but why not do this earlier?), but they simply should not have rushed sell orders without it.

    BUT if the market responds positively, then i don't care and I am happy. I wouldn't be surprised if FI have injected some capital to get this movement going. And if it works great, I am just a little bit surprised.

  • Blimey

    they sent out a reasonably lengthy message admitting mistakes, and explaining how they intend to right those errors.

    If they rush in media without thorough testing and it goes wrong, certain users looking for any excuse to moan, would jump on the bandwagon.

    No pleasing some people

  • The market update had very little to do with today's surge.
    If anything it slowed it down by crashing the app mid-surge.

  • Personally, I think the communication was positive overall and as a long-term trader I welcomed all points detailed

    I don't like to nit-pick, as negativity is counter productive to what we all want and to be fair to FI they are being open and trying to make amends by listening and implementing required actions.. There is no rule book to follow due to them being market leaders so patience will be required

    Thankfully the market is taking this communication with a positive sentiment, with large increases this evening, so be good to get a few months of a positive correction.

  • Seems like everyone is in agreement here. Nothing has changed, but the positive communication is nice to see and is already having a decent effect on market sentiment.

    To those of us keenly awaiting something a little more concrete, this update means very little, but maybe we should just accept that these words aren't meant for us and let it pass by without souring the mood.

    I don't know how familiar you lot are with internet culture of the past decade, but a couple of big gaming companies gained a reputation that evolved into it's own meme:

    soon (tm)

    Football Index may as well be considered to own the trademark on the word "soon" because some of the things they are promising (market depth, media buzz rework) seem to have been "coming soon" for longer than a lot of people have been on the platform.

    Oops. Now it's me souring the mood!

  • They've released update after update, and still we have no dates.

    I like the announcement, i'm happy those who shit the bed can sleep better at night now. However, we need results. Too many words from FI over the weeks, i know they'll deliver...but it's frustrating.

  • I’m happy, the tide seems to be turning. Healthy rise tonight.

  • The question we have to ask is it the market bounceing back, or is it the calm before the storm?

    I dont want to shit on this new positive growth we have, but anyone else wonder if its the calm before another massive sunday sell off?

  • @Kanzz I still think when we are unleashed on full order books there will still be some rocky volatility until it naturally sorts itself out

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