24 hour profit?

  • Anyone else experiencing the tightening of spreads?

    I am up 8.5% on my £3,800 port this morning, some strange players being tightened too.

    I would expect to see a small rise in the likes of M'Baye Niang, Alassane Plea, Kepa Arrizabalaga who has risen a fair bit, Mallen and Mwepu.

    But also some not so obvious ones which are sub £0.50p which I am keeping quiet :)

    Could things actually be moving in the right direction once again?!!? I don't want to jinx it, but ....

  • @UncleBeard yeah all a bit strange🤔

  • im 1,59% 24 hour and about 6% 7 day. i think its been 3 days in row now with growth. my biggest surprise is that so many valuable players haven't moved an inch during this growth splurge. these are the ones i will concentrate on

  • Can anyone explain the rise in Steven Berghuis yesterday? Kept seeing people buying him at full price on the ticker?

  • I have been checking dutch media last week or so about him and just to point out that I am dutch.

    Key points are:

    Dutch Media and Frank de Boer likes him for 1st 11 in Dutch Team
    He said yesterday he is not willing to go States or China, which teams showed interest for him. He said he considers max 15 teams that he want to go too. This will mean he can go in Winter or Summer
    He expressed his unhappiness with the club early season regarding lack of investment to catch Ajax for title.

    I think people made their minds up that 50p for dutch international is alright which most likely will move within year time frame as Feyenoord is not going to content for title, as other teams like Ajax and PSV did their shopping.

  • @Kill_Kenny fair enough. Great bit of research. Seems crazy not to put an offer on him though given his IS price is only 23p?

  • I think it was one person buying Berghuis. Was watching the ticker. There's no reason so many different people would buy at market price. There's no reason the spread would remain big.

    Whoever it was, thank you! I sold up for a small loss, yet could've made a profit in the end!

    Now if you'd just crack on buying another 40 or so players of mine that would be super. May I start you with Cedric Bakambu and Viktor Kovalenko?

  • @JK haha, I'm holding cedric Bakaumbu that I bought at instant sell price. Still happy to keep holding him for another year!

  • I bought around 40p in January when we were allowed to buy such players.

    Might make a transfer soon but tbh I just want him gone, along with many others. Too many easy opportunities now, no need to take such gambles.

  • a educated guess would be people trying to get as close or to 9k buy to get as much out of the birthday bonus, just want spurs players to get injured in the internationals so deli has to be brought back in the fold brought 300 at 120 ish he is never going to to hit over 2 pound any more on IS but a 160 IS price is achievable ,i could see old jack hiting 40p is price if he dose gose go spain or italy

  • Not a bad play to sell him. He is on 30p insta sell actually.

    He is playing tonight with L de Jong and Promes.

    Shame I am ajax supporter so I buy mostly Ajax players like I did with de ligt and frenkie de jong back in that golden year they had.

    I'm focusing on Odegaard again. He was 6th overall during Norway game, Norway played shocking skipping midfielder and played direct to strikers. The boy will get his time and be PB beast.

  • @Kill_Kenny whereabouts are you from? My dad was from utrecht and brother lives in a village outside of Rotterdam. Such a beautiful country, wish I had more time to get out there

  • It's staggering that Norway have a dinosaur like Lagerback managing such a young, talented attacking squad.

    Same goes for Sweden with that joker Andersson.

    I don't know what to think of Odegaard. He hasn't looked the same for quite a while. It must be the tendonitis thing. Hopefully he gets over it. If not he may have to become more of a Kroos type of midfielder.

  • Zwolle... its nice place. But I recommend you to visit Utrecht.

    Odegaard will come loose not easy to find his feet yet as Zidane keeps rotating. He will get his opportunity and seems discounted imo.

  • hi i,m new to this anyone have any advice.

  • @JK hes got a good sofascore rating atm. i hope as a holder he picks up

  • Yep odegaard 2 assists... I like tripper too how he plays..

    Play money you can afford to put aside 3 years
    Be patience
    Make your own research

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