Off trend players yet to rise.

  • While the obvious PB and MB targets are getting some decent rises there's still a whole bunch of very promising players whom have yet to rise from quite substantial drops.

    Two that are easy to highlight.



    These aren't bad players and in a more confident market they will settle somewhere between peak price over the last year and current buy price.

    What's been shown over the last 24 hours is players in vogue can rise very quickly. So what other players off trend could see rises in the next few weeks?

  • Marcus thuram

  • @Tom77 hold a shit load and I'm currently 30p down in terms of the IS I can get, but not concerned in the slightest. Will probably even top up in the coming week.

  • @howsthebacon said in Off trend players yet to rise.:

    @Tom77 hold a shit load and I'm currently 30p down in terms of the IS I can get, but not concerned in the slightest. Will probably even top up in the coming week.

    He’s a beast, expecting big things.

  • I second Marcus Thuram above, and Musa Barrow. Also, Leroy Sane hasn’t moved. He’s expected to be back fit after the international break.

  • And Juan Musso, who has a strong PB base.

  • I'm keeping an eye on Weston McKennie At Juve. Could surprise a few

    Draxler could be a surprise this season. Starting games for PSG at last and captained Germany last time out

  • @Richio

    Musso got an injury recently so is available for knockdown prices.. I think it is 4 weeks he is out but don't quote me on that!

  • As we know, with the dividends increase it’s got to be all about PB performers. One of the best at the lower end of the market is Cyprien.

    I’ve been ‘pumping’ him for the last few days so forgive me for mentioning him again but he’s my tip for divs and cap app for the next 3 months. Don’t take my word for it, check his PB stats for last year.

    Moved to a new team in a new league so some traders are understandably waiting to see how he settles but if I had any spare funds he’d be my ‘off trend’ buy but I’ll have to be content with my current hold at an average price of £1.20. 🤞🤞

  • @Baydog yes, he’s a bargain at the moment.

  • Newcastle are regularly linked to him, apparently ASM has been bigging him up to Steve Bruce haha.

    Looks like he's might make the loan permanent at Parma though.

  • @howsthebacon it’s already completed.

  • @Richio they made it perm? Just looking at it now, says obligation so yeah pretty much nailed on then.

  • Saint-Maximin earnt 0p from dividends last season with an average of 82 points per match. Historically, he has not been a prolific player.

    Adama was better with 9p match dividends last season under the old system, but just an 89 average. He might get some media buzz at some point, as he is sure to hit form and could be linked with a move again, although he returned no media dividends last season.

    Obviously they are both good players on their day and I think one big win is in reach but it's hard to see why these are good buys? Both are not playing in Europe and both wont start in the Euros. Are their prices not just reflective of a market moving toward a more realistic point? And when all the stats and dividends are available to the average user might these sorts of players drop further?

    You can get people on the market for 20-50p with higher averages than both of them although they are much older ofc.

  • I've mentioned him a couple of times, and I know @Martyn-B and @howsthebacon also hold - Florian Neuhaus... Scored on his debut for ze german's the other night and I have been looking at his stats so far this season and they are encouraging.

    Having watched him a fair bit i the last two seasons as a holder he was largely used out wide or as a bit of a floater. His completed passes were never very high and he was making higher risk passes so his pass % accuracy was also fairly low, but he was providing goals and assists. He is quite comparable to Thomas Muller as a bit of a space interpreter.

    This season (perhaps in Zakaria absence) Neuhaus has taken up a 6/8 position and the play is now going through him. This can be backed up with stats. Whoscored history shows that in

    2018/19 Neuhaus played 25 games (7 as sub). He averaged 27.1 passes with 83% accuracy. He got 8 assists and 3 goals to his name that season and averaged 0.9 key passes playing in a more advanced position.

    2019/20 Neuhaus played 26 games (4 as sub). He averaged 40.8 completed passes with 84% accuracy. He got 4 goals and 2 assists that season and averaged 1 key pass a game usually out wide.

    2020/21 Neuhaus has played the full 90 (bar 5 mins) in their 3 games so far this season. He has been in centre mid each time. He has averaged 67 passes a game with 90% accuracy. He has not registered any key passes, assists or goals thus far, but has completed more than twice the amount of long balls each game compared to last season.

    So far this season Neuhaus base score will have improved a fair bit as a consequence of play going through him. His average PB this season is 106, which doesn't sound much but by comparison Sancho is PB average 124, Bellingham 113.

    He has not been on set pieces (which he has been on in the past periodically but Hofman on them currently) and has no goals or assists or key passes to expand his base (one of his 3 games was away to Dortmund where he completed an impressive 70 passes).

    Zakaria is out for a while so I expect Neuhaus to remain in the 8 role where hopefully he will start to get more forward involvement. I think he may well move to the no.10 role when Zakaria is back, or certainly should have more license to get forward as a creative player..

  • Can pick him up for less than 60p. Don't think he'll stay under the radar for long.


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