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    What are the thoughts on this lad. I guess the next 5/6 games will tell us but i cant see a shearer or aguero in him but maybe an inzaghi? has he got it in him to score great goals?

    also he looks a proper athlete now with a ronaldo frame.

  • @kaka8 think he's in that phase where it can go either way, I wouldn't be even mentioning the likes of Aguero/Shearer/Ronaldo along side him but he definitely isn't a player to be taken lightly. Ancelotti is a great manager and seems to be getting the best out of him, I expect him to be a regular goalscorer in seasons to come but still a long way to go before he is a world class footballer.

    I don't watch him week in week out though to know how well other sides of his game are coming on but from what I've seen he has worked on his movement, finishing, awareness.

    I remember in Ibra's book he talked about Capello and how he would say Ibra did too many tricks and he needed to become a ruthless finisher. So he would stick him in the six yard box in training and not let him leave so he could work purely on finishing and making the box his domain. Feel like DCL has been doing something similar with Ancelotti.

  • I'm biased as an Everton fan, but he is incredible in the air. He wins so many duels, historically in less dangerous areas of the pitch. It's less of a prominent attribute among strikers now and especially quick ones, and if he continues to improve his finishing he will be one hell of a striker. Obviously, he can’t keep up what he is doing but I think it’s reasonable to think he will get close to 20 league goals this season. He is certainly a good FPL pick!

    That said, I think you can ride the wave of popularity and buzz about him at the moment, but I'm not convinced about him as a buy. It’s hard to see where consistent dividends come from in a game where he has to compete with the likes of Neymar, Messi, and Lewandowski and doesn’t (yet) have European football.

  • More Les Ferdinand than Alan Shearer IMO. Good player. Used to hold but sold recently - he's been banging them in without really troubling PB. I have him on FPL but gone for Richarlison on FI.

  • @Hint
    that leap is unreal and hes not even 24, ronaldo wasnt jumping like that at 23.
    i havent seen great technique in his shooting but if i see it im buying,

    everton look great this year which i predicted last yr and got it well wrong, il be making money by betting against any team marco silva managers. gold mine

  • I don't understand the part "but maybe an Inzaghi". I personally rate Inzaghi at a higher level than Shearer and Aguero. All three are great strikers, scored a lot of goals. Shearer proved nothing outside England (and he had never played for a really big club), while Aguero has been under the shade of Messi entire his career. Only Inzaghi proved himself both at the club and national team and among three, only Inzaghi won both FIFA World Cup and UEEF Champion League!

  • @Hint

    I think the Les Ferdinand comparison is a good one. He's very strong and great in the air. He seems to be playing closer to goal this year, rather than as a deep target man. Provided Everton can get crosses in he'll score, especially against modern centre backs, many of whom aren't great in the air.

  • Imo, not worth considering. Awesome for Everton, bit part for England.

    Where does he fit in?

    Kane, Rashford, Sterling, Grealish & Greenwood. Also i think Ings is more in the Kane mold than CL,

    Just being hyped after national debut. Feel sorry for anyone getting involved north of £2.50.

  • Most probably never win much dividends

  • I got 15 shares on Calvin-Lewin at £2.00 a share. I'm thinking of selling or do we think he will continue to perform- I'm only been on FI for about 2months so still learning the best approach.

  • @NewUser610639 Kane, CL and Ings play in the same position and compete for one slot as the hitman in England team (Rashford, Sterling, Sancho, Greenwood, etc. actually compete to each other).

    Kane is the Captain & 1st choice. CL is way better than Ings for me. At the club level, CL is flying high and keep improving in his club. Everton in better team than Southampton. 28 year-old Ings' record in England team is nearly nothing, cant see him play any part in England team.

  • Now DCL is out of my 30 day IPD's I have a healthy profit on him, Do i look to refresh, Sell at the profit or hold, chances of PB/MB?

    What are everyones thoughts?

  • @Dragon4Life I would hold him until the weekend and either sell in the build up to the match, or see if he scores again and sell on the rise. Everton play Southampton, so a winnable game and he's red hot right now so both of those are more likely than not to happen.

    Everton aren't in Europe so I'd guess his spread is a little wider now with focus on CL and Europa games and will tighten again ahead of the game. I don't hold though, so someone who does might be able to better advise. Whatever you choose to do, a healthy profit leaves you in a strong position.

  • @Dragon4Life said in Calvert-Lewin:

    Now DCL is out of my 30 day IPD's I have a healthy profit on him, Do i look to refresh, Sell at the profit or hold, chances of PB/MB?

    What are everyones thoughts?

    Profits don't last long on the platform at the moment. Sell shares to bank the profit, but keep the rest of the shares and go again. As @CptMorgan said, he's in hot form. He's in my Watchlist as I aim to buy him in the future.

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