About to see another drop on premiums?

  • Sancho, Neymar, Bruno. All dropping a little today.

    Are people beginning to sell up for part 2?

    Kimmich, De Bryne still steady.

  • @NewUser610639 doubt it to be honest. If there is I'd guess it'd be a quick dip.

  • @NewUser610639 said in About to see another drop on premiums?:

    Sancho, Neymar, Bruno. All dropping a little today.

    Are people beginning to sell up for part 2?

    Kimmich, De Bryne still steady.

    Most ppl been selling up already who want to take advantage of deposit bonus part 2. But no doubt some more ppl will want to be selling.
    Also, u fancy changing your number to name? It’s good to know who’s who ;) more friendly.

  • Not everyone has sold, I haven’t as the maximum 6% gain might be hard to realise.

  • @NewUser610639 These are the type of players you want to be on come 16th onwards with elite euro football about to kick off.
    Any dip wont be significant imo.

  • I suspect the bids were very thin and a couple of big traders trying to dupe people that confidence was restored. Sancho terribly overpriced... people weren't paying £9 for him one day.. then because a few bids made him look stable...suddenly hes desirable at £10.80? what changed? no surprise that prices will come back down on some

  • Tbf, we are in the middle of a shitty international break, which have historically been uneventful or seen increased selling, and the deposit bonus angle maybe amplifies that.
    No doubt some players are still trying to find their price but expect an uptick at the end of this week all round.
    Calm before the storm hopefully

  • Just Bruno on my port that's dropping down - which is fine as I can top up at some point. Kane/Messi/Lewa/Gnabry/Salah all pretty stable in terms of Premium holds.

  • Might just be seeing the last people selling up before buying back on Friday and making us all millionaires...

  • For me, I think this is the most stagnant the market has been since OBs were introduced. Got a lot bids around the instant sell price which have been sitting there for days. I think we may see a small decrease in some assets ahead of some increases on Friday but nothing too major at this rate. The market is oddly still.

  • @Timmy It's not odd that it is still though is it?

    FI have put the brakes on. I have zero interest in actively trading currently.

  • @GH well it is odd in the context of what has come before. We've had intense votaility - players either dropping or falling, at a good rate. I've had a fair amount of offers matched every day. And now, with prices at a good level days before a new bonus period, and with a general belief that players are aiming to make use of the second period, it is all quiet.

    Seems to me logical that there would be a bit more selling, in the knowledge that players going with the second bonus window strategy will essentially get everyone for 6.25% cheaper if they sell now. With spreads closer now, in many cases a buy now price for top end players will come in comfortably unded the 6.25% if selling at the market price. And I doubt that everyone has flipped their assets in the intervening weeks.

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