£1.50 - £2.00 bracket

  • Hey All, I am still relatively new to this, month or so and have about £250 invested in. I am looking at investing more but was wondering if its best to have less shares in more people or more shares in less people?

    I normally have between 10-20 shares in about 15-20 people currently and just wondered about advice?

  • @Dragon4Life a diverse portfolio is good, however you want to have a meaningful amount of shares to make it worthwhile, striking the balance is key.

    With limited funds and without knowing what area of the market you're looking at I'd say you should halve the number of players but have at least 50 to 100 shares in each of they're going to be longer term holds

  • Thanks for the feedback, I am looking at mostly English French and Spanish leagues and players around the £3 mark, Like i want to put £100 into a player that will give good dividends but am unsure as its my first "big purchase" if that makes sense

  • @Dragon4Life if you want to put 100 inton1 player I'd look a little lower down, 1.50 to 2 quid, and get 50 shares, that way any rise or div payout equals 50p

  • Thanks for this, Who would people recommend in the 1.50-2.00 bracket?

  • @Dragon4Life
    Bang fo buck mate look at someone who has Europa or champions league aswell league games. Look out for potential ipds or divs earners...

    Players Like Div returns Sergio Ramos (I don't hold) etc..

    Or cheap strikers like Saurez ( I do hold) could rise is scores a couple. Plenty to choose from but check of footy index scout or indexgain free to use basic site..👍

  • Few players I'd recommend (mild pumping) in that bracket or even cheaper.

    I'd second Suarez, as long as you have an exit point in mind due to his age, great value perhaps up until early 2021.

    Under £2 you've Plea (don't hold) and Thuram at Monchengladbach. But if they're not big enough names, maybe Odegaard as he's just over the £2 mark by 30p or so, but has potential for cap app if he kicks on this season, seems to be getting his game at Real. I only hold a small amount but would like to hold more.

  • Quite a few goalkeepers are an option...I look at ones with EL and CL.

    To name a few outfield players I hold -


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