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  • @Geronimo159387 thanks mate, I got to the point where all I had to do was press IS but then as you say you can't confirm. Thats a fucker but the 2% refresh would be ideal. Maybe even higher % would work if it meant you could sit on a player for another 3 years. Iv got some players who are way below what I paid due to the recent changes but I believe they will get back to that price. I just hope its before the shares expire.

  • @AndydfopT said in Bid n IS to refresh:

    the 2% refresh would be ideal. Maybe even higher % would work if it meant you could sit on a player for another 3 years.

    Yes even if it was charged at a higher % due to it's ease of use & simplicity it would be a win/win for both FI & holders. All we can do is keep lobbying them but I've had no success in the year that I've been trying but this new "listening to customers" approach that they have recently adopted might mean a change of luck!!

  • Might I suggest, if possible, buying shares in advance to match those you need to refresh in the next day or so, then selling an equivalent number for a profit on Friday or that particular player’s match day (when the share value and/or IS should be higher)? I’ve managed to refresh a few shares this week but this is my plan for most of the rest. You’ll also get 8.75% back from FI on it to if the shares are bought before Friday.

  • @Richio good shout trouble is the player I want to refresh has no bids.

  • @AndydfopT who is it? If it has no bids you should at least be able to buy at the absolute rock bottom, and I assume that if you’re buying you think he’ll be desirable at some point in the next month (because he performs and/or scores/gets a clean sheet? So you should ultimately be able to sell.

  • @Richio t hazard, out injured, I could buy low but want I only want the same shares. If I buy and shift I won't be happy lol

  • @AndydfopT how long is he out for? Maybe wait until the week before he’s due back?

  • @AndydfopT said in Bid n IS to refresh:

    OK this has proberly been said before but if I bid on a player I hold with no current bids (let's say 100) and then IS to match that bid, is this the best way to refresh shares?

    It's obviously a weird time but when it settles down, the Sunday sell off will probably be the best way to do it.

    If you have say 100 futures in a 90p player then during Sunday sell off bid say 80p for another 100. Then approaching the next weekend stick your original 100 up for 90p. If all goes to plan then you recycle and make a small profit.

    Would need the market to be fairly stable and to be a liquid player.

  • @SDOAFIT thanks mate, sound advice that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @AndydfopT

    I have been IPD refreshing a large percentage of my portfolio over the past month. I used two techniques:

    1- Find a player in my portfolio that I believe is undervalued. Buy more, bidding or buy now. As soon as I have got my "new" shares I list the same number of "old" shares at the price I bought plus 2% to cover the commission. These old shares often sell in the run up to the weekend games and definitely on a goal etc. This technique was made harder by the -1p limit on offers being imposed, so often I couldn't offer a player as cheap as I wanted to.

    2- List on offer every player in my portfolio with a spread of over 2%. This is nearly all of them. I am listing blocks of 100 at buy price minus -1p. If they sell then bid to buy them back. If matching slowly, cancel bid, buy back and repeat. Getting some surprising matches and buying back the same day. Makes a bit of money and refreshes your shares. Only risk is they sell and you can't buy back in again if they rocket.

    Without going through my entire transaction history I have flipped 139 Pogba, 100 Messi, 200 Ramos, 100 Gomez, 100 Thiago, 100 Halstenberg, 54 Willian and 54 Castagne in the past week using the second technique. Each flip made a bit of money, new shares and a month of incoming IPD's.

    Also I had no money to play with this month and this has kept me busy, entertained and hopefully profitable. One word of warning, selling lots, then rebuying messes up your bonus as you end up with a negative net spend.

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