Aspas - value buy or worthless?

  • Just bought 700 Aspas for 29p average. 1 gold pb win to return his value and Celta Vigo captain so shouldn’t be overly rotated. Good buy?

  • @NewUser111822 no brainer mate, crazy price

  • It's a nice buy - he is still a good player and you will get some IPDs from him. If you can refresh efficiently, he will likely exceed his 29p price in IPDs across the season.

    I don't think he has a gold pb win in him though. His maximum score last season was 192 and he returned no dividends. I could see him hitting a few pence from a bronze win on top of IPDs though and you'll probably be able to sell him in the mid 30s after a good day.

    He reminds me a bit of Caputo, who is now available for around 35p although you could buy him in the 20s at points this season. Although Caputo plays for a better team and has just made his international debut, so perhaps justifies the enhanced price.

  • @Timmy Yeah thought it was worth an outside punt. Think he hit a 240 or so against Valencia though? Withdrew for a mortgage offer so just looking for some cheap buys for a bit of fun. Looking at Niane & Andre silva next but they are a tad more expensive as younger ofc. Want to get 5 cheap strikers across the on leagues for under a quid each

  • @NewUser111822 id say maupay would be the one I'd fancy a punt on for around a quid as I think he will want to play in the champions league he looks perfect fit for AC Milan to me

  • @Mazza-magic
    The lads a long way from Milan. Good start to the season though!

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