Play the fixtures and IPDs or proven PB players and top up?

  • Do you play the fixtures and 30 day IPDs or stick to a port full of proven PB players for regular divs and top these up?

  • @Number5 hoping to do the latter but I'm sure I'll dabble in a few short term holds for IPDs.

  • @howsthebacon Yea my port is full of regular PB winners, but with the recent changes and volatility, I'm wondering if it may be more profitable to go down the fixtures route?

    I have seen a few people mention this could be the way to go, so wondering if it is time to change my strategy.

    However with this short term strategy, I would be cashing in on the likes of Kimmich (avg £4.97), KDB (avg £5.19) etc. So would be a lot more pricey to buy back in the future.

  • @Number5 I'm going to resist selling my long term PB holds and unless I'm wanting to refresh and think I could pick up some cheaper one later on, I would only do that with about a quarter of my hold though.

    I have a little collection of short term players too I guess but I'm not really sure what my strategy will be long term. Every time I want to just settle and get everything neat and tidy, there's a crash, bonus, spike etc.

  • @howsthebacon said in Play the fixtures and IPDs or proven PB players and top up?:

    Every time I want to just settle and get everything neat and tidy, there's a crash, bonus, spike etc.

    This is exactly it!!

    I have been on FI for about 3 months now, evetime I felt my port was set...something changed! Players who I wanted before, I am now stuck with and cannot sell at an acceptable spread as I bought them before OBs.

  • @Number5 Similar length of time to me mate, so in the exact same boat, we don't know what a stable FI looks like! The fact I've managed to navigate my way through this with some profit is a miracle. Even once this bonus is out the way we still have the 1p limit to be removed and then NASDAQ, who fucking knows what will happen. Probably won't see a normal stable FI until 2021 but should be a fun ride.

  • @howsthebacon yea tbh, I have been getting sick of the constant changing by FI. It has been good it has been fairly constant for the last few weeks. Really need the final product in place and be left alone for a good portion of the season!

  • @Number5 to be fair this has been on their 'road map' (such a cringe business phrase) for a long time I think, so we were just a bit unlucky to have joined during such a state of flux. Saying that there have been plenty of opportunities to bag bargains during our three months but I've always been cautious as I'm never quite sure what price players should be.

    I've done OK bar my Brown Sunday bottle job in which I sold half of my port. Lost a few hundred of my original deposit but then reinvested and make it back and then a little profit in the past month or so. Still love the platform and optimistic about the future. I think I've learnt a years worth of lessons in about three months so it's been good in the sense.

    Hope your ports looking good and you've not had too much of a shit time over the past few months! Onwards and upwards.

  • @Number5
    To be honest mate, I can’t be arsed with the IPD market, unless there is an offer on. The recent x5 IPDs offer was too good to miss out on but during the regular market it’s too much hard work for me.

    I’m focusing on PB performers and undervalued/off trend players. I find it a longer term strategy but if one of your players has a stellar weekend it gives you the option to sell sooner on a spike.

  • I'll still look to refresh my lower end holds if possible to make them eligible but I'm not out there going for IPD winnings. If I get them great, if not then I've probably lost 2p per share but have reset the 3yr cycle

  • @howsthebacon to be honest mate, when Brown Sunday happened I watched my port drop thousands every few mins when I refreshed. But I stayed calm and did not sell anything. Instead I used the small balance I had to top as many holds as I could. It wasn't a lot as I rarely have much of a cash balance, but better than nothing.

    I think what made me stay calm was I was invested in a p2p platform when covid happened and I saw people offering their holds to the lowest possible amount. At that time I was unsure what was going to happen. However 1 month later I saw, if I had bought at those lows, I could have made 20-25% returns.

    I think I had read enough about FI to convince myself that this platform was in quite a good position to just collapse and really it was traders panicking to get out.

    Port value overall is still down, however my divs returns have been unreal. I have faith in 3 years even my bad holds like Pogba, who I am £1.50 a share down will recover eventually. It doesn't take much for prices to rocket. Which we have seen quite a bit recently.

  • @Vaughany yea mate, to be honest I have built a solid PB port. I think the fixtures/IPD approach has caught my eye due to the volatility of prices. It seems selling on the spikes and buying on the dips is a possible option. Or just ride the ups and downs and reap the PB divs.

  • @Highfields96 I did quite a bit of refreshing of shares during the 5x IPD promo, it worked quite well until they restricted the offers to 1p. I am stuck with a few shares that never sold, but again hoping over the coming weeks they will sell.

  • If you have players under £1 who score/assist or keep clean sheets then refresh if they are playing in the CL/EL. 6 or 7 games in a 30 day period, some GKs only need one clean sheet for a return, happy days.

    I bought Zlatan to see if I can return his price in dividends by the end of the season, has a chance I reckon.

  • Don’t play the player play the game

  • @Number5
    Ipd flipping used to be quite easy.
    Tbh you need to look at old school players with European cup games for maximum effect.
    Vardy, payet,Ibrahimovic, Benzema, Suarez maybe Muller etc . If they rise by 10-20% after they score a few just market sell and wait for the weekend drop and low bid to buy back in.
    Hopefully under new system it will work good luck🤞👍 I say old school just as you know they'll deliver

  • @Doug-s I think I am seeing that approach mentioned quite a few times. It will be one I will be keeping a close eye on, especially on those ones where my shares are not IPD eligible and the player has no chance of winning PB that weekend.

  • @Number5 be real on prices aswell if they get to much don't buy.

    Example vardy if is around a £1 he'll get ipds but and Cap but if he goes up to around £1-30+ not sure if he's worth it PB wise , and if he has a bad game he'll drop.

    Watch what happens with a couple of players over next games.

  • @Number5
    PB players in the main. And a consistent perfomer will also make TOTM for an added return.
    Main holds - Neymar, Trent, Mbappe, Foden, Dybala
    Smaller holds - Coutinho, James Rodriguez, Werner, Messi, Robertson, Grealish, T Hernandez, Salah, Reguillon
    Future Holds (made a loss so far value wise on most) - Rodrygo, Havertz, Camavinga, Fati, Elliott, Curtis Jones

    Think it's a well rounded selection that should return some good PB divs over the season.
    Good luck 🙌

  • I try to get in early on young talent I feel will grow to become much better than they are. Kinda risky especially now as unsure how well CA will work, but it can be very rewarding if you guess right.

    Been adding a few PB players to my port so I can have cash coming into the account to help me snipe people with bids.

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