Price errors on IS

  • I’ve noticed a few players (mostly lower end) have IS offers in weird orders. My understanding was the highest bid offers created the highest IS prices and it was in descending order.

    For example at the moment:

    De Wit shares 1-5 are 60p (£3.00) share 6 is 48p (£3.48) and then share 7 is 51p (£3.99)

    Caleta-Car shares 1-14 are 40p (£5.60)share 15 is 25p (£5.85) then share 16 is 39p (£6.24)

    Anyone else noticed these lower bids in the middle of higher bids or is this correct and I’m not understanding the order books correctly?

  • @PompeyFc noticed it months ago in the ME. defo bug. you also rarely get paid or pay the figures shown on screen. fairly amateur company still... don't test things before chucking them out desperately … and then pat themselves on the back for getting it implemented within 8 weeks of its inception.

    media however... we have to wait years while they front back and sideways test that... (or it just isn't done yet)

  • @Coriolanus yeah it’s just random low bids in between higher bids, when I sell I usually get what it says (minus the 2%) not experienced getting wrong price yet

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