Gio Reyna

  • When is the next Auction? Because it’s criminal this fella isn’t on the index yet!

  • Should be this year, I'd think. FI seem to be waiting for NASDAQ integration.

  • There was a good point on the last FIG podcast. We're already struggling for liquidity. Not enough money spread across too many players. New IPOs would make this noticeably worse, even though players like Reyna absolutely should be on the index.

    I think it's probably good for the health of the platform that these are delayed a little while yet

  • Yep. Not the right time for IPOs. It's clear there are already too many players for the market to support.

    But obviously there's only so long they can reasonably hold back on players like Reyna for.

  • They usually ipo all players in the top 5 leagues once the squad lists are announced for the upcoming season. But due to technical difficulties with high demand players this has been put back until nasdaq powered system has been integrated I believe

  • You'll know when he's being IPO'd as there will be smoke coming from your phone and desktop devices.

  • Don't get the fuss over this.

    Nobody is going to get reyna cheap given its going to be an auction. Why everyone so desperate.

  • @SDOAFIT Spot on just like Doku now he's had a move and scored an international goal, the Ipo will be sky high and better off trying to get them later in their career.

  • @SDOAFIT Yup, with the new auction system and people talking about already biding £5+, just about a waste of time and money lol

    I had planned to go in heavy on the kid, but Ill prob just leave it and see what happens tbh

    Think everyone thinks back to the good old days of IPOS when money could actually be made from a quick flip

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