• How much research do you put in before buying a player? Say if you have 10,000 in balance how long does it take you to decide who to buy. I’m starting to think my bad trading is because I don’t research much or whatever

  • @NewUser332703 I normally pile in confidently on players who don't require much research, your Messi/Kimmich/Kane/Lewa and anyone I'm not sure of I'll buy a small amount and see how they do, monitor their price whilst talking to other holders and doing some independent research (transfermarkt etc). Then while you're researching you can also get an idea of their price and top up if you feel confident with that player. That's just me though.

  • @NewUser332703 I follow the same approach as @howsthebacon . In the sense that I generally try to stick to the players you don't need to do much research on i.e. the PB big boys. I ventured a bit, but that hasn't ended that I am just waiting for prices to rise and sell them on the spikes.

  • Hey, don't be disheartened by your purchases, unless they're wildly over the value you paid for them, they're not bad trades, in fact, they cannot be considered bad trades until you sell.

    This thread, which started last week has a few insights, which work alongside general research methods of transfermarkt and whoscored;

    The key is, and always has been, to remain patient. It's not everyone's strong point on here, die to being mainly made up of compulsive, thrill seeking gamblers haha, but being patient massively contributes to profit after research and purchasing has happened.

    Just read through the forum, for how players score on the FI, and how people on here make decisions based on variables you will not find using the traditional research methods.

    You, and many others like you, don't need new research methods, I'm sure you've done well to pick quality players.

    You just now need market knowledge, which takes time.

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