TAA rocket incoming?

  • I have some loss making trades which I would like to get out of.

    Having seen the likes of Neymar rocket by £2 in a week, I am wondering who is the next one to get this, if there is anyone else capable of that kind of rise?

    I'd like to lump on them and skim those shares off after the rocket after recovering my losses. TAA seems way off his peak and is a genuine PB beast. Do we think he could do a Neymar?

    A lot of players prices are rocketing daily!

  • @Number5 I don't believe so.

    His set plays have virtually halfed since lockdown with a change of tactics from Klopp & Robertson now taking charge of set pieces from the left.

    The only rocket 🚀 going off will probably be a "challenger" one 🙄

  • @Number5 im not sure that he will rise. Robertson is now sharing set pieces and Liverpool are conceding so that takes his pb potential down a lot

  • @Ericali If you were to predict the next rocket, who do you think it will be? Bruno maybe?

  • @Tweek I wonder if this is just early season and a handful of games. Or do we think this could be the case going forward?

  • He's already had a mini rocket last week when he rose about 30p along with alot of other players. Like most of them they are dwindling. My gut is that it is liquidity providers are causing most of these upshots, so may be a while for TAA to shoot up again. I say that as a TAA holder. I did a little test this week. Saw Haaland was one of the few premium holds not to have shot up, so bought some. 24 hours he shot up. If you are looking for the next mini rocket, find a player on the higher end that has barely moved in the last week. I reckon there is a solid chance they will rise 30p or so

  • @Number5 if you are looking for rockets I'd look at the players with tight spreads.

    A tight spread indicates the player is in demand & when spreads are tight it's because no one is selling.

    When faced with that situation, market buys inevitable end up going through & price jumps can be quick.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor I also hold TAA but at a cost of £9.16, so it is quite a big hit. I want to bring my average down at the same time as putting some of my loss making players funds into someone that I could recover those losses quicker.

    Unfortunately I missed the Neymar boat!

  • @Number5 Robertson done well on corners so far so that seems to be something they've practiced and implemented. Trent hasn't been fully fit yet this season so his performance will improve. Can see a lot of upset results this season with so many games so thick and fast and an inability to train or prepare for the next games like seasons before so can't see Liverpool being quite the juggernaut they were last 2 years.

  • @Ericali Good shout, saw that a bit with Donnarumma a little while ago as well. I might take a look and see if I can try predict the next one before Friday

  • @Tweek Maybe worth going down @Ericali approach and looking at a player with tight spread before the 16th and lump into them, hoping I can recover some of my losses and get out of those deadwood players.

  • @Number5 the 5.15pm update (re: Spreads)

    This isn't the tightest spreads on the platform but it's the spreads that are currently shortening & widening over the past hour


  • @Ericali I think I want to go for someone who I would like to keep hold of even if they don't rocket straight away.

    What do you think Kimmich's chances are?

  • EJ just bought Odegaard and moved him that much with 5000 shares; the bids are really shallow so won’t take much to move any of the “premium” players.

    @Number5 ill not try and convince you to keep TAA (I think he’s a good hold but I bought much cheaper), all I’ll say is when he has a good game and either wins PB or comes close those thin bids will get swallowed up.

  • Think there’s plenty scope in Raheem Sterling myself, can get him around 4.80 and think he’s England’s best player myself..... starts pretty much every game for Citeh and England when fit, champs league, euros and scores 20+ goals a season.

  • @Number5 said in TAA rocket incoming?:

    @Ericali If you were to predict the next rocket, who do you think it will be? Bruno maybe?

    Don't hold me to this as there are a few factors in the mix, but I have a good feeling about Ziyech having a decent rise... Much will depend on how he settles into the prem and the level of responsibility he assumes on set pieces, if he hits the ground running and has set pieces and some corners then I reckon he should be able to hit £4-£5

  • @Sav2000 That was also my gut feeling about TAA, I think he is going under the radar because of the slow start to the season for him and Liverpool. Also Robertson taking the attention of him.

    I think one big score and PB win, he will rocket. If he doesn't, I managed to bring my average down and he is 21 years of age PL/CL champion, number 1 choice for England. Surely at one point he will rocket!

  • Bought Odegaard this morning around 2.33 - able to sell for about 25p profit now. Tempted to sell a few and top back up when the IS goes down. He is still potentially undervalued though.

    I wouldn't go round with this logic of 'who is the next to rocket' - might not be anybody but we are seeing spikes in players maybe due to the bonus. I'd be careful though, as you might end up buying at the top and the only way is down from there.

  • @Number5 Kimmich is now recognized as good hold and will contest PB most games so its fae money. He's already at peak price but I wouldn't be surprised if new money took him further given the number of games upcoming in the next 30 days.

  • @Number5 he is a good long term hold so rocketing wouldn't be in your best interest unless you want a quick profit. If you think he's massively under valued, top up but unless you're looking to sell just hold on and watch this inevitable dividends come in.

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