Sad day when a few have spoilt it for the many

  • I have now been trading on the index for approaching 3 years in that time I have both supported and been critical of the management of Football Index. I am not an addicted forum poster but have used it on a regular basis and generally my posts have been well received.

    So it is sad to see that a vast majority of regular users have taken the decision to remove themselves from this forum. These members have added a vast amount to many new users Football Index journey and new forum joiners will be worse off because of it.

    They have not left because they are Adam Cole fan boys or blinkered and only rockets, they have left as just like 99% of any type of regular forum user they wish to discuss the product and how it can benefit them.

    I do not know of any other product where individuals no longer like or want it but continue to be so emotionally attached that they wish to spend a huge amount of their Valuable free time bashing it to the extent it has taken over their lives.

    To be blunt:

    Football Index will continue in whatever guise it decides to take no matter what a few bitter individuals believe.
    Your actions are hurting you not Football Index - Adam Cole will not be losing sleep over threats to bad mouth him or the product on social media. There advertising budget is huge you are not!
    The product is gambling/investing so there will be losers - there is no god given right to make money.

    Since order books were introduced and instant sell was changed I have seen a large reduction in portfolio valuation, however I knew the risk when I invested and am now trading my way back. The product is not perfect but it is for me much better than traditional gambling and has added to my enjoyment of football/gambling.

    Therefore I cannot understand why anybody would want to be a regular member of a forum if it does not add something to there lives, you should be here because you want any of the following:
    Learn about the product
    Ask Advice
    Give Advice
    Match up some sales
    Have a joke or some banter with other users
    Highlight potential issues/problems
    Garner opinion of other users on players
    Have the odd whinge or moan

    No forum is designed for a handful of bitter and twisted emotionally weak individuals to boost there warped minds or so others can plug alternative products to the new and less experienced.

    I have been invited and have joined the leavers but will also be here, I am happy to help and advise any new forum members to ensure there experience of such an innovative and potentially brilliant product is not ruined. For those who would like a little guidance on how to get what is best from what is left of the forum:

    Ericali - Personally I like him and we get on, though can rub people up the wrong way (what would you expect of somebody with an Eric Cantona Picture) He comes up with some great strategies and is a nice guy behind the no bullshit call a spade a spade persona. I do think he is harsh on FIG as though neither of us pay for his service at least he try's to add benefit to the product there are so many worse people out there.

    Rob E - Just block him he is here solely to promote a Forex scam - do not believe a word he says, go back over all his posts from the day he joined and it is evident what his reason for being here is. In addition when looking at a lot of his posts there are spelling and grammar errors similar to what you receive in lottery email scams so beware.

    Baydog - Top bloke who I can only say positive things about, is on the forum for all the right reasons and would not hesitate to recommend him for any advice.

    Coriolanus (formally Vespasian) - Starting off as decent forum member then got the bitter pill which turned into the bitter and twisted pill is a big fan of Footstock and unfortunately as when not coming across badly he can have insightful things to add, it is just difficult to trust in someone who can be insightful one minute and downright distasteful the next. He is also linked to Mr White, Westy and Tom7471.

    Westy - Has been a long time member and generally is worth listening to, again dabbled with Footstock but has not gone to the extremes of some in using the forum to openly try to damage the product/your investment.

    Mr White - Supposed schoolteacher who was for a long while the most obnoxious bitter and nasty individual person on the forum, if he has not called you a c**t you are in the minority. Lately he seems to have mellowed but unfortunately the ship sailed a long time ago on me ever taking anything he says seriously.

    Dan the Man - Dan is an acquired taste with many good ideas and well thought out strategies the change to instant sell hurt him more than most and since then his posts are checkered to say the least. Dan I like you and you can add so much you need to move on look for value and accept the changes. You are to intelligent to let the past influence the future.

    Tom7471 - Again comes up with good ideas but his association with Westy, Mr White and Coriolanus blurs the lines sometimes. He is one of the few when things went negative managed to articulate his misgivings without resorting to histrionics which was impressive.

    Anybody whose title is New User if they have not taken the time to change the username and they offer advice then I would generally ignore it - There are a few whingers and moaners who appear from time to time and again my suggestion is to block them.

    That leaves all other regular forum users and I have only positive things to say about them all, this could be a great place but currently has been ruined by the actions of a small minority who are probably rejoicing in there actions - my advice is to block them or not engage as when they are bored and leave this place can return to what it should be.

    Have fun


  • @Fletch well said fletch. Sad times but we can rise above it all and leave it in the past where a lot of what has ruined a great forum can just simply now be forgotten about ๐Ÿ‘

  • Great post @Fletch ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • Top top post sums up the feelings of many forum members entirely .

  • Banned

    Every time thing settle down, fletch pops up, slags the same people off and then disappears off again. He never offers anything else.
    Waste of time.

  • I want to know what happened to Happy Larry

  • @Fletch said in Sad day when a few have spoilt it for the many:

    They have not left because they are Adam Cole fan boys or blinkered and only rockets, they have left as just like 99% of any type of regular forum user they wish to discuss the product and how it can benefit them.

    Great post @Fletch. This part of it particularly good.

  • Great post mate

  • @MrWh1te

    I am still here and the reason I have posted is that a minimum of 68 liked and respected regular forum posters have left this platform. The majority of these people have generally tried to help and assist both new index members or each other and you Mr White are a huge part of the reason they have left.

    You talk about bullying well you are a disease that comes a close 2nd to the coronavirus you have infected so many good people it should be named after you. Every time a large number of people leave some form of social media it will be from today called Whites's disease and when looked up in a medical journal it will say the following:

    A slow parasitic infection that starts off as a slight irritation but eventually numbs all that come into contact in fact it can summed up "as a right c**t"

  • yeh unfortunately this place became very hostile when a few intelligent experienced traders were attacked by some e-thugs/bullies for pointing out the impending realities of ME/OB & removal of IS. Luckily those people seem to have left now and the smart traders are still here. So this can become a friendly informative forum again helping new users rather than blinding them with false positivity so they lose money.

  • Banned

    You have made several posts. All targeting me (and a select few others).

    You never offer anything.

  • hopefully the alcoholic loser joins the bully forum.

  • @Coriolanus

    When was a few the majority of traders - I am afraid yourself and roughly no more than 10 other users could leave and the forum would have been fine I am afraid your numbers and reasoning do not stack up - which like in my critique of you is unusual as your general overview of the index can be commended if not your attitude.

  • @Fletch 68 lol. posts get thousands of views. peasants like jbw never offered any strategic knowledge. Thick Mick and Scouse 'the panic' mug just gave other users misinformation. wouldn't remember any of the others. just go fletch you admitted in your view this forum is ruined.

  • @Fletch I was hoping for an invite, but not had one so far. I believe there is bit of a waiting list. Any chance you could arrange it?

  • @Number5

    I am sure the people with the technology skills (not me) will get on to it asap - thanks

  • Nice post @Fletch. A few of us could have written something similar but thank you for being the one to actually take the time to write it.

  • @Fletch
    I would also like an invite if possible if anyone out there can here me! Was wondering where everybody had gone!

  • yeah Iโ€™m bored with no insightful chat whereโ€™s my invite

  • @Coriolanus said in Sad day when a few have spoilt it for the many:

    hopefully the alcoholic loser joins the bully forum.

    It might be just me but I'm picking up on alot of irony in that comment.๐Ÿค”

    Do you not take issue with the comments made in the post? I've got alot of time for you but there's been some clear bitterness in alot of what you've posted on here for a while. I do honestly look forward to the Vesp we knew prior to IS removal returning one day.๐Ÿคž

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