Sell offers - how do they work?

  • I’m new to FI so I might be being stupid, but I don’t think I understand sell offers. I’ve read the explanation on FI but I still don’t get it. For example if I bought Erling haaland at £5 and he’s now worth £6, I want to sell him to cash in on the profit.

    The instant sell feels too cheap. So the other option is to put an offer in to sell at a different price to the instant sell price. However the sell offer only lets me set a price above market value... so who is going to buy that? How does this work - am I totally misunderstanding?

  • @NewUser680172 there is a restriction in place at the moment that you can only sell at 1p below the current market price. Not sure when it is to be lifted, but hopefully soon.

    Until then keep an eye at the IS prices, especially approaching game day or list them with an offer. If the player does well on game day and spikes, he should sell and you should make a nice profit at the same time.

  • @Number5 cheers, that makes sense. I was thinking the logic should be you can set a price between instant sell and market value. Hopefully the restriction gets lifted soon. 👍

  • @NewUser680172 there was a big crash in the market about a month ago that has led to a lot of restrictions including the market downtime.

    To be honest, I quite like the market downtime. I would prefer the hours to be something like 23.30 - 07.00 though.

  • Do we know when the Sell offer 1p below is going to be removed?

  • Hi, I understand the sell offer limit at 1p but I am still not sure on something... So if I have a player with a current buy price of £2, I can only either sell now or offer at 1.99. However if I wanted to purchase that same player I can bid at say 1.90. Who is selling at the 1.90 price in order for that bid to be accepted and how are they doing that? Thanks in advance

  • @NewUser125366 instant selling matches your shares to a traders bid (buy order)

    Buy now matches you against another traders offer (sell order)

  • @NewUser125366 hi, it's because he hasn't always been worth £2.00 remember.

    At some point he was worth £1.90, so there are shares a available at £1.89, and he has grown, penny by penny, and during this growth others would be thinking like you have, and wanting to cash in.

    That's why there are shares available between the IS price and the BN price.

  • @UncleBeard thank you that's explained it brilliantly, cheers

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