Bad players, good value??

  • A few months ago I shifted my focus to PB players and gradually built up a portfolio of well thought through long term holds.

    The past week that strategy seems to have unravelled as I keep getting drawn in by some ridiculously cheap prices. I basically put a load of offers in around the 20p mark for prem starters (eg Shelvey 20p & Bednarek 21p) that have a very small chance of winning PB, maybe through a GWG or favourable bronze day fixtures. Far more matched than I expected.

    Is there some logic or have I lost my mind and just bought a loadv s***t?

    Anyone else change their approach following black Sunday?

  • @scfc as a Newcastle fan I'd say mad for buying Shelvey haha! But he does take set pieces and when he is good he is generally the best player on the pitch, shame it's once a season at best.

    Cheap price though and always chance to exit if he does have a decent game.

  • Shelvey's a real quality player for that price, in my view. Newcastle should now be more expansive too. Shouldn't have a problem doubling your money on him over the course of a season.

    I also find many players like this hard to resist. Portfolio just keeps growing....

  • @howsthebacon haha you're probably right to say i'm mad! I now have a combination of players that I think are really strong holds that i'm really confident in and then a bunch of random 20p players I think are pretty average prem players, only accounts for about 5% of my port though!

    Set pieces was my exact thought for Shelvey, saw him rack up a reasonable PB base a few weeks back mainly from corners, so if he happens to get a GWG there's a chance. If not then surely i'll be able to sell at 20p at some point!

  • @JK Yea I'm blaming order books for the fact i'm racking up more and more players after I was trying to cut down. Just can't resist putting cheap bids in!

  • @scfc you may get lucky with one or two of them, a GWG here & there on a bronze day, but to be blatantly honest - yes it seems you have bought a load of shiiiiite & lost your mind.

  • @Ericali haha, appreciate the blatant honesty. I'll report back to this thread once i've sold. I think it offers something a bit different to the other players I own, much more of a gamble and should keep me interested in a few extra games each weekend. Clearly I got bored of chucking all my money at Kimmich.

  • @scfc he doesn't score many though and with ASM fit and firing, he'll have some competition for PB in midfield but there's always a chance. I'm pretty conflicted on Shelvey but he has been playing some of his better football since Bruce came in and showed some faith in him.

  • @howsthebacon yea agreed, I own ASM as well (one of my less ridiculous holds). It's unlikely Shelvey will win PB, but it's also just 20p! Fairly confident i'll at least be able to get my money back at that price.

  • @scfc last season Shelvey scores his top 5 PB scores (160, 160, 171, 177 and 180) so with a bit more end product from the team overall and he should top 200 once or twice. Surely with Fraser and Wilson added, Newcastle should get more goals and be more of an attacking threat overall to assist Shelvey's scores.

    For 20p, I wouldn't say you're wasting money. But I wouldn't get too many in that price range 🤣

  • @scfc I held ASM but I keep dipping in and out, ideally wanna be holding when he leaves the Toon cos that lad is going places. Imagine him in a half decent side, he's electric. Would be interesting to see a top manager refine him a bit, work on his end product could be a French international.

  • While we're on Newcastle, Ryan Fraser is gettable really cheap. In form he's worth over £1.

    Not a fan of him after the way he shat on Bournemouth but do think he's a good player.

    ASM is down as a forward, btw.

  • @Lukeroro Yea they should definitely be better going forward this season so I don't think a 200+ score is that unrealistic. I'm excited for Saturday now... Newcastle beating United and Shelvey hitting a higher PB score than Bruno.

  • @howsthebacon Yea he's just so exciting to watch, surely will end up at a top team.

  • @JK Well at least you know at what price i'd be interested!!

  • @scfc my opinion is same as @Lukeroro you might have a little gem there, if he plays well with fraser and can assist wilson and Carroll 👌, easily double your money. ( any player I don't own rises).

    I was like you , swapped to PB players then sold and moved into Dzeko @35p sold 300 for 50p etc I'm now balls Deep into Henderson 43p Fabinihio 63p, and david Silva 77p .

    My thoughts are the lower the player the less £p drop. The big boys can fall and lose big, but a PB or few goals cheaper players will get picked up so be ready to sell 🤞🍾or💩


  • @Doug-s problem is, he's normally the pass before the assist and whilst he is a tidy passer, there aren't many teams we dominate possession wise so he ends up being a passenger in a lot of games.

    That said, all of the above things are what make him 20p, and we all know he is on set pieces and can dictate the play on his day so he is def one to put in the bargain basket for sure. Also has age on his side, he's still 28 or something so a good few years left in him at least at the top level.

  • @Doug-s Nice work with Dzeko! I had a few similar during the IPD promo but now a lot of the spreads have tightened i'm not sure it's going to be as easy to flip, still some good opportunities though!

    It really wont take a lot for you to make 50% on someone like Henderson at 43p, my worry though with players like that is that I don't want to own a huge amount of shares as it could be difficult to shift. That's why I have a careful ratio of Shelveys to Neymars.

  • @scfc good idea a few sharks from the top that should div return and a few minnows that may produce a win here and there...
    How many times do we see a top player winning only to be pipped by a random player. 🍻

  • End of the day you'll need to get lucky. Look at the stats for PB winners, you basically need players from teams that win, given the points for a win and game winning go points. But you never know, if you buy cheap enough you just need a lucky spike and you're quids in.
    Godspeed my friend!

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