Keepers and IPDs

  • Finally got some proper footy back this weekend. Lots of eligible fixtures coming up so worth doing a bit of research.

    I'm expecting some keepers to give decent returns this month. I'm primarily backing Leno; Arsenal have 7 fixtures in the next 30 days, including 4 before the end of October.

    Quite realise he may not play EL, so have picked up some Runarsson cheap too to hedge my bets, although wouldn't be surprised to Leno play them all. With TOTM dividends too, we should see some decent payouts.

    Onwards and upwards.

  • @Mintyfresh glad you posted this as I was just browsing for keepers. On my list so far is

    Ramsdale (risky and biased as he’s a friend😂)

    Fair few games to be played between them so I have my fingers crossed.

    Let me know your thoughts

  • @Mintyfresh I bought a few hundred Szczęsny with my remaining cash balance today.

    Take a look at Juve’s fixtures over the coming month..

  • @Daniel-H I haven't looked at the fixtures, but they look a decent selection. I tend to always have one eye on capital appreciation too, so Lloris and Neuer are a bit older than I would typically go for, but at their current prices and with dividends as they are, it would worry me a bit less than with outfield players.

    For that reason though, I like Ramsdale as a longer term punt. Could see him being linked with a move away if it goes well this season at United. Going pretty well with the under 21's as well. And bonus if he's your mate too. None of my friends are on here and if they were, I would not be buying them!

  • Ronnow is guaranteed starter for Shalke home to Union Berlin this weekend, away to Dortmund after, home to Stuttgart on Friday bronze night after then
    away to Mainz in IPD period.

    It will be his full debut after he signed on loan deadline day; he played a half when Fahrman got injured in their last match and Farhamn is out for a few weeks. I am confident Ronnow will remain no.1, as he left Frankfurt to play because he no longer wanted to be no.2 to Trapp (plus Shalke conceded 15 in their first 3 with Farhman in goal, and he was Wagners man and Wagner got sacked recently and they signed Ronnow the day after)...

  • @Hound not a bad shout. Depleted my cash funds for today, but might get involved again for the second bonus.

  • @Mintyfresh top man thanks for the feedback. 👌🏼

  • This is not gonna be a unpopular opinion but I don’t see the keeper clean sheets as a way to make handy ipd money. My opinion on this is the ridiculous amount of penalties gonna be awarded for the season ahead. Especially in the premier league, don’t know the stats but can’t remember a keeper saving a pen last season

  • @Gregolocky it's a good point. Not seeing many cleanies for my lads. Oblak is the exception.

  • @Gregolocky it's a game of opinions, nowt wrong with that. I think the thing is with IPDs right now is that there are so many eligible games coming up, that there are multiple chances, not only for keepers but for goals and assists too. I started with keepers as I tend to think clean sheets are easier to predict and most eligible keepers are still pretty cheap, so the yields can mount pretty quickly, but there's more than one way to play the game.

    I do think we will start to see fewer penalties for the ridiculous hand balls though, as the PL have already lobbied for clarification and it sounds like they will instruct their refs to apply common sense unilaterally if they don't get the answer they want from Ifab.

  • Keepers will be a slow gradual winning process.

    I do hold a load of them but the issue with them is a keeper can only keep one clean sheet per match whereas any other player could get a hat trick and/or two or three assists + per match.

    I think with keepers if you own them now most of them will earn you cap app and if they fall in price it won't be like Pogba for example who dropped from over £8 - where he is now, under £4 meaning if your bet goes wrong there is little collateral damage.

  • @Kipper72 100% right imo, I don’t see keepers dropping more that 5-10% from current prices. Safe haven atm, it’s just tryna balance renewing the ipd’s at the right time.

  • @Gregolocky Yes, it is just keeping track of when and if to refresh. I would like to reiterate that I said "if you own keepers now" - meaning as a group they are probably still undervalued.

    Still a good time to buy them although Donnarumma is catching up with his peak.

  • Maignan at Lille has been a solid pick so far for me (4 clean sheets from 6 league games) and in the Europa League.

  • Mattia Perin, Genoa won 4p Starman, 1p top GK & IPD eligible 2p CS on yesterdays BRONZE day; I've been picking him up at 22p over the last few weeks so his 6.4p blended return equates to 30% ROI in a SINGLE GAME - WOW!! There's some amazing returns available on those lesser GK's, many of the EL/CL ones have 6/7 games IPD eligiblity coming up.

  • @Geronimo159387 does that mean Jan Oblak will win team of month as the goalkeeper in the lead wont be playing for Dortmund tonight,and its 1.5 scoring.

  • @NewUser181925 anyone playing in CL or EL will certainly have an advantage. Still a few games to go though, so I certainly wouldn't want to crown Oblak just yet, as there are loads still in with a good shout. Several have got 3/4 more eligible games, so it could all change.

  • @NewUser181925 Oblak definitely has an advantage over Hitz at this point - would take something pretty catastrophic for him not to get in.

  • Still very much a goalkeeper advocate but finding the price dynamics a bit baffling - Patricio last night picked up a clean sheet and therefore 2p IPD but dropped 10% in price and I actually ended up buying him cheaper (some at 47p, when his market buy was 63p earlier in the day) after the game than I had done on the same day before the game?! Almost feels like it's worth waiting to see if the IPDs are secured...

  • @Mintyfresh I believe the cut off point is 21st of every month.

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