PB dividend structure:

  • I think how it is currently that the dividend structure is unfairly in favour of players who are CAM or ST or DEF. This means that a GK or CDM or Winger (classed as Forward) or CM will rarely win. To me I think they should re-categorise PB dividends into GK, FB, CB, CDM, CM, CAM, WINGER and ST sections, on-stead of GK and DEF, MID and ST sections. This means a CDM doesn’t have to score more points than a CAM and is only trying to outscore another CDM on-stead. I think Football Index should change the dividend structure to suit this style and suit us.

    What do you think?

  • @NewUser59855 you're talking about taking a dividend structure split across 3 categories and turning it into 8. Which would mean a minimum of halving dividends presumably. So not for me.

  • @NewUser59855 @Noirx4 Yeah was about to write the same as Noir - what dividend per position do you envisage in this new system? At the moment the total payout on a single matchday is 14p (4p x 3 positions + 2p for star), even 2p per position in your system would total 16p and therefore require an increase in the total payout. We'd all love more dividends but I think a bit of realism is required here.

  • Another way you can look at this is if the structure is biased towards certain players, then in theory you should be able to better predict PB and purchase players accordingly.

    PB is a lottery as it is and so anything that aids in the purchase of players is fine by me

  • GK’s should maybe get their own category but to do a different category for all of them you have mentioned is crazy... wingers sometimes get a rough ride because there is no points for dribbling but holding midfielders dont, they are on the ball as much as any1 and can rack up decent point for 5 yard sideways passes.

  • Instead if wanting to system to change for you, why don’t you change for the system? You don’t have to have GK’s, CDM’s etc. Pretty greedy if you ask me. Done form of GK category I understand and support. But the rest is a no from me.

  • @FranklynMary said in PB dividend structure::

    Instead if wanting to system to change for you, why don’t you change for the system? You don’t have to have GK’s, CDM’s etc. Pretty greedy if you ask me. Done form of GK category I understand and support. But the rest is a no from me.

    Yep, pretty much what he said. Also who determines which category players fall into as their positions change in different systems..

  • @FranklynMary This is the exact reason I don't have GK's or CDM's in the first place. I only go for ST's or goalscoring Midfielders, unless for MB. Why greedy if you split the dividends already given into 8 onstead of 3?

  • @NewUser59855 As I mentioned above, you can't just split the existing dividends into 8 categories - the maths doesn't work. And even if you do more or less, you then need to hold more players to get the same return - so where is the benefit? Might make more money for FI I suppose by making more players likely to be traded, but that's about it as far as I can see,

  • @NewUser59855
    Split them into 8? That’d decrease them a lot and give incentive to trade. I have no problem with the category’s as they are, but like I said, a GK one would be good if they were to find a way to do so. Just like Fantasy Football where it’s more beneficial to have attacking players 👍

  • @FranklynMary I disagree. I believe the value of players would stay the same. This is as I believe the players people hold will win PB a lot more because the players only have to beat other players in the same position as they are on points, not those of other positions. It makes it easier for people to win money.

  • The trouble with suggestions to amend any aspect of the PB metric is that players have spent £££s building portfolios that best fit the current PB metric and won't be happy if significant changes are made to their detriment

    For example IMO the PB metric should award more points for assists because currently (in general terms) it is players who pass a lot and chip in with the odd goal who score most highly (and are therefore worth most on the index) and not more creative players many of who are arguably better players and more exciting to watch

  • @Dave-C That's the problem I suppose. I think if they had done it differently from the beginning then people wouldn't have a problem with it as they wouldn't already have money invested.

  • Yeah not sure if anyone mentioned it above but what if u have someone who's a winger and is playing full back (eg Zinchenko at city recently) this could affect points scoring so as much as it's a noble idea it still leaves the scoring system with problems as players are only eligible for their 'registered' position with opta. So how would you define a defensive centre mid, an attacking centre mid and a basic centre mid when you have someone who's box to box? There could be an argument made for that player being all of the above, so how should they score? Too many variables in my opinion.

  • Honestly ... there is a lot of times when positions are subjective particularly for wing backs. It seems wrong that a player can gain or lose value because opta re-positions them.

    I would consider revamping scoring entirely so that any player in any position has a relatively equal chance based on what they could contribute to the game (appreciate this would be a major task to balance) and make PBs top 5 ditching positions.

  • @mike778 Sounds right to me.

  • @NewUser59855
    Personally I don’t, I feel it’d make people buy certain players because they felt they had to instead of wanting to, because they might not get as many dividends as they would’ve originally. But each to their own, although I highly doubt they’ll change it anyway

  • @FranklynMary I have a feeling they won't change it for another year anyway, apart from maybe introducing the GK category.

  • @NewUser59855
    I think that'd be a good point to start, and see how they award that. Then who knows where where they'll go?

  • @FranklynMary Probably. I reckon I will buy up some goalkeepers before it happens. I bet people did similar with Neymar and Messi a year ago because they saw what might come with the PB and it paid off for them.

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