• This guy must have a great shot at PB tonight, I’ve managed to refresh mine for new IPD as well so double whammy! Champions League soon too

  • 15-20 goals for him this season.

  • I cant believe he is still under a pound

  • Don’t think he will be for much longer

  • Is it just me or do alot of Rennes players look underpriced? They are a champions League team now. They've spent significant amount of money. They are becoming a bit of a force in France. Yet alot of their players are under a pound.

  • @Dalian-Smyth
    They haven't established themselves for long enough so the confidence in Rennes might be low, also they have a lot of "off trend players" everything seems to be hyped around Sancho, Haaland, Kimmich, Kane type of players. Next month is gonna be interesting, we'll see if they keep the form going and develop Camavinga into a beast. They produced some good talents in the past.

  • @JakKovac I'm looking to get ahead of the curve. Rennes look to have last seasons prices on them. This season with champions League Rennes players have added pb eligible games. They offer more value.

    Arguably now they look stronger than last season. Doku looks a particularly exciting addition. But theyve made several other signings that at least in Ligue 1 should make them stronger

  • I agree 100% that Rennes are undervalued, being it FI two years ago we would see much more buzz around Rennes players. We have yet to see Doku to be added, I will definitely keep an eye on him, but Rennes are always transit station for their best players, as they never stay for more than two seasons (Raphinha, Ismaila Sarr are the most recent, and the latter made me solid rise), good choice to focus on Rennes players Imo
    Group with Chelsea and Sevilla will definitely be a test as their squad is not as deep.

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