Conor Coady

  • Whats everyones thoughts on Conor Coady, cheap price, part of a good Wolves team and potentially has the Euros now next year? He is currently round 40p

  • Will he be in the press, no. Does he often score or assist, no.

    Is he likely to get a big move....probably not.

    I get what you’re saying but a relatively dull FI player.

  • read he hasn't had a shot in the prem for 2 seasons

  • He seems to be rated very highly by some people on the forum, I’m not too sure where his divs will come from honestly. He does look good value compared to some other DEF on the index, but maybe there’s just a few overrated CBs on the index.

    I don’t agree he’ll never get a big transfer, imagine if Liverpool lined Coady up to replace Van Dijk in a couple of years - you’d get some Media then.

    It’s all just a bit risky, nothing concrete that shows he’ll go and get divs and some point, but at 40p some think he’s worth the risk.

  • @wearing-louis Yea, I saw this and I think it's why the England players were laughing when he scored. If he isn't ever going to get a GWG from a corner then it's tricky to see where divs come from.

    I'm not sure he would get a big transfer for a few seasons, Wolves seem pretty ambitious.

  • Maybe scoring for England and having one cleared off the line in another game will prompt him to get in the mix at corners at club level.

    He would need some goal involvement to ever win PB as his base is just ok.

    But without the Maguire being an idiot saga he would be leading MB today. So maybe being a more permanent part of the England set up would help in that long term?

    He has really impressed me with him taking to international football, so if he carries on then why not get one big transfer before he hits the dreaded 30.

    I got him at 35p which is pretty cheap for an England defender who may benefit the most from Maguire going awol. Worth a punt at that sort of price.

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