One player

  • If you had to pick one player on the index right now, who would that be?

  • Messi or Fati.

    Messi is the Ultimate PB/MB hybrid and Fati has so much hype and attention right now. He is also performing well, already won a PB, granted bronze, but the seassons only just started.

  • What he said.

  • @NewUser469373 Harry Jesus Kane. High scoring spurs. Europa league. Euros. World Cup. Transfer rumours. Or Kimmich the cockroach safest hold on the index

  • Handanovic if your risky, Gomis if your not.

  • @Toptom can you elaborate?

  • Christian Pulisic - watch this boy explode,should be the same price as Sancho.

  • Some helpful replies. I actually got rid of Fati around £5 which made a tidy profit but obviously regret that decision. I was thinking about going in for some Oudin. For his PB, he seems very cheap.

  • @wearing-louis

    Simply Handanovic is old so he is higher risk, I think he's gonna win more dividends than he falls from people saying to sell cos he is old.

    Gomis your getting a top GK at a mid / low tier price point, In fact your getting him cheaper than he was at Dijon and hes gonna have better players and European football. Actually you probably get even better value if he doesn't play today (due to injury) as people will assume Salin staying no1 but he will not long term.

  • @Toptom Thanks for this.

  • @NewUser469373 Robert Lewandowski and Alejandro Gomez for me. Lewandowski is an absolute goal machine and his average PB scores have shot up since the 19/20 Bundesliga restart. Gomez is a bit more risky but with the amount of goals Atalanta score he is always gonna guarantee you IPDs and PB, will be looking for an exit point before the end of the season though in case he moves to a lesser team. For their prices they're great buys.

  • @xXMr_FishXx I love Lewa and have held him from the day I signed up, you forget he's 32 considering he shows no sign of slowing. I wonder if he is like Ronaldo and will just keep banging them in at the top level or if he'll retire on a high at 33/34.

  • @howsthebacon It's a weird one nowadays. Seeing older players at the top level being top scorers of their respective leagues year in year out. The top scorers in four out of the five top leagues last season were all over the age of 30! I think it might be when players are reaching their peaks in modern football...

    In terms of Lewa I can only hope he keeps on banging in more as it equals more divs for us haha! I think Bayern will be there or there abouts in Europe for the next couple of years and can't see them getting rid of him before that dominance is over.

  • Messi.

    Navas would be my second choice.

    And as others have said, Kimmich.

    Currently, I am most invested in Messi, Kimmich, Navas, and KDB.

  • @xXMr_FishXx with the advances made in physiotherapy and nutrition to name a few, there is no reason why players can't peak at that age. I grew up thinking 33 was when players retire or drop a division but these blokes were probably boozing each week and kicking lumps out of each other in training. Lewandowski looks like he has another two years at the top level left in him and that's him playing every bloody game for club and country, imagine if he was just used sparingly as well.

    In FI terms I worry about these players who peak late though, people might buy in and get stung at a high price. Good thing about Lewandowski is, he's still only £3! That's him at the highest I've seen so far, so still not a huge risk for people to get involved now.

  • Oyarzabal, youngish and good PB scorer.

  • I would go Kimmich, purely because he has the PB scores to prove it, is 25 and plays for the current best side in Europe.

    I bought Fati and sold at a profit around 5.80. He's 17, massive potential but I just feel there's risk attached if he doesn't keep it up and wanted to sell up to get on the bonus. There's every chance he could be worth a lot more in a couple of years so I may buy back in if he has a dip

  • @NewUser65276 said in One player:

    Christian Pulisic - watch this boy explode,should be the same price as Sancho.

    Mate, save these kind of garbage pumps for Twatter. Forum users are fortunately are little more clued on.
    Pulisic was unbelievable in the resumption of football, but barely made an impression on PB or MB. For a few games, he absolutely dominated- it was the Pulisic show- and he returned scores of 130, and 150 etc This isn’t gonna win PB anytime soon.
    If his form continues, he may get some more MB, but nothing like enough to get within farting distance of the top of the index.

  • @NewUser65276 fuck me we agree on something (not the Sancho bit though).

  • @Valhalla In fairness Mbappe doesnt post massive PB scores (only 8p in divs last year) and he's sitting over £10.

    Dont get me wrong I dont expect Pulisic to get close to that but a lot of people buy the hype. I see another £1 or so worth of growth in him.

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