Happy Friday.

  • Well, well, well. What a week.

    Some things stay the same:

    Such as England are shit again after being favs for the Euros.

    Pogba is sniffing round the media agian, just need to rise 2 quid and I'm £1k up rather than £1k down.

    Bonus part 1 done, the market is rocking.

    Football is back.

    Hope of divs are back.

    I'm seeing my boy for the 5th weekend in a row!!!!

    And there continues to be snipe, counter snipe. I think people know my view on this, poke with a sharp stick, get a reaction. No poke with a sharp stick, no reaction.

    Hopefully the platform has had its wobble, and it's about slowly growing it and our ports again.

    Like last week, thanks to everyone for their parts in this forum. It's like a playground at times, but more often that not, golden nuggets can be found.

    I panicked like fuck a few weeks ago, a group of lads on WhatsApp helped me out so much thank you, you know who you are.

    This covid bollacks is doing my swede in, it's going nowhere is it!!! Fuck knows what the future looks like, bit we crack on eh.

    Keep talking to each other, take the piss, tell the family and your close mates you love them. Life is short and kicks you well in the balls every now and then. It's a tough time of year for a lot of us, hard this time of year for me personally but my close friends know what is needed to guide me through.

    I don't know any of you guys on here, but I'm a DM away if ever you need a cyber voice to talk to.

    Happy Friday folks, let's make some munnnnnny!

  • @Millerman
    Make me laugh bruv...enjoy ur weekend with ur boy & my ‘bird’ 😉

  • @Millerman Happy Friday Mate and looks like we have turned a corner so all going well everyone will be quids in

  • have a listen to Fontaines DC song A Heroes Death. I think you might like the lyrics. Havea good one

  • Just woke up on the sofa after a red wine kip with Fontaine's Sha Sha Sha blasting out. Uggghhh....time for bed maybe. Happy Saturday and Happy Friday Millerman.....come on you Royals.

  • @NewUser406849 good band, I liked that their album was called 'A Hero's Death' and it came out around the same time as Westerman's 'Your Hero Is Not Dead' (another great album).

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