Gabriel Jesus

  • He was going so well making money on him,since Brown Sunday nobody has touched him,what do you think good hold or not?

  • Patience needed, I'm confident he can become one of the best out and out number 9's for PB, has a good few wins already as mostly a back up to Aguero. I think the upcoming media changes could benefit goalscorers like him too with words like hat trick/brace likely to score bigger but that's speculation.

  • My biggest long term hold, I will top up if he drops further down, as he has no euros this year. I think he is Aguero's replacement in City and solid one. When he starts scoring goals and making assists he can be proper PB beast. As you said, patience is the key with this guy. Plus he is being mentored by Guardiola and Pep seems to like him.

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