Hakim Ziyech

  • Assuming his injury is behind him, he seems like quite a well prices purchase. Likely to start regularly, at 3.50 quite low compared to potential performance divs and boost when he hits his stride and people jump on.

    Takes FKs and Corners and Chelsea scored 12 from them last season without a specialist. Lots of games coming up in the next two months.

    Doesn't have a Euros to look forward to but other than that looks a healthy investment. I've got a decent amount in my port.


  • I agree on Ziyech, could be a great hold if he gets his fair share of set pieces.. Like you say he has no Euro's so his value may stagnate over the summer, but other than that he seems reasonably priced with plenty of potential upsides..

  • @NewUser178128 excited to see how he gets on but will he share set piece duty with Chilwell?

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