Vinicius Junior

  • Just looking at today's fixtures and Real at home to Cadiz looks prime for a few decent PB scores. I hold a fair few of the Madrid attackers and I'm never certain which will start, but I've seen one predicted line up that suggests Vinicius may get the nod tonight.

    I really like him as a player, didn't long ago only turn 20 and he's had some good performances at Madrid in his time there already. So much competition for places, but with the quantity of games, I'm confident that he'll get plenty of game time this season.

    I wouldn't ever buy a player at over£2 just because of one fixture, but I do like his long term prospects and I'm hoping he might get to demonstrate why this evening. If you like a youth punt and he's currently slipped under your radar, I'd suggest doing your own research into this guy or add him to your watch list to keep an eye on in the future.

  • @Mintyfresh I like him too.

    Obviously, these future stars are bought for the long term as you don't expect them to be returning dividends just yet.

    The problem is, unless you have a bottomless pit you don't want to keep your money tied up when they aren't expected to rocket anytime soon - so it's judging your entry point.

    I like Rodrygo too, & Reinier, Almada & 2-3 Dutch lads - but if I buy them all now I'll be stuck with a stagnant portfolio 😐

  • I held Vini but sold at 2.30 when he scored his first goal of the season in the 5x IPD period.

    I really rate him, but I worry about him getting consistent game time and fluency. Bonus that he plays for Madrid, but I'd rather pay 2.50 if he establishes himself rather than 2.00 on a educated punt.

    Similar to what @Ericali has put just above.

  • @Ericali @Highfields96 don't disagree with either of you. As much as anything, I was keen to get people thinking about today's fixtures, start looking forward to the football again and try to guess who might be today's surprise star. With the Forum being so quiet (or argumentative, which is worse) recently, I just wanted to start a few threads with football at their core. If there's something that makes people think about their ports, even if its that I've picked a duffer that they want to avoid, that's good enough for me.

    As I mentioned above, I hold a few of the Madrid front men, including Rodrygo who I actually think is a better long term buy than Vinicius. However, I think Vinicius is more likely to feature tonight, hence he was the one I thought I'd mention today. As I said though in my original post, people need to do their own research and if, like you two, you think he's more of one for the future, add to the watchlist and come back to it again another time.

    The advantage of getting on early is bigger chance for CA. The downside is it can be stagnant money if he doesn't do much any time soon. Doesn't make buying now wrong, nor waiting, but depends what kind of trader you are and how quickly you want to recycle and move onto the next one.

  • Definitely a good shout for today. Think he has scored a couple this year already; and if he was to get a GWG he might have a good chance of scoring high.

    He's not a bad buy at all, I might even be back in for him next week but out of all the PB leagues I probably follow La Liga the least so always cautious about buying there.

  • I'm on him at £2.40 after endless top ups. Was around £1.80 on Brown Sunday!

    Think he's a great price currently. Top youth with elite potential who actually plays a lot of games. Very exciting, eye catching player too, which helps.

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