Selling players

  • Hi, I’m quite new to FI, and just wanted to understand what the best strategy is for selling players- instant sell always seems to lose quite a lot of value, but putting in a sell offer can only go 1p below the buy price? Do players actually sell this way? And I can put a player up for more than the buy price- surely he will never sell though?!

    Also Is selling a player after 30 days and rebuying to get more match day dividends worth it, or do you lose too much that way? Any advice is much appreciated!

  • @NewUser680086 generally you either need to have some patience to market sell and for their to be a reason for people to buy, for a example a good pb performance, couple of goals link to a bigger club etc.

    Keep an eye on the IS price and actually look at what the top bid is as it can be quite a lot higher than the average displayed. Again this price will be higher if the player is in demand.

    As for flipping for IPD it depends on the playerand you need to think if the player will score/assist/keep a clean sheet enough to clear the commission paid and make a profit. Generally it is good at the lower end of the market but not so on premium holds but favourable fixtures are key to making profit here.

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