• Will we see him again ? Or is he done ?
    He wasn't too bad last year and he got his contract extended last month but he doesn't even get q spot on the bench this week ...

  • The signing of Loftus Cheek I'd expect him to be done. I'm not sure he can cut it at this level. However RLCs injury record might give him hope but a Fulham squad player doesn't exactly look to appealing to me as an investment. They look nailed on relegation material at minute. They've made some interesting signing though. I think lookman and RLC could really help and Mitrovic will get goals. It's at the back the big concerns.

  • Put a fork in him - he's done!

  • Well that's what I thought ,that is what you call a bad investment i guess either way I am now stuck with him , which isn't great , but of he happens to have a decent game at some point or he scores I will just dump him I have an average of 33p and a lot of shares lol

  • In fairness some forum wiseheads have been on him in the past.
    He looked a decent prospect in the championship. Young and English. Why not?

    The game looks to have changed at the minute though but who knows where the money will head next. He'll surely get a run at some stage so he's not a total no hoper.

  • @Dalian-Smyth thanks mate I lowered my average to 33p so now I have useless profit of £140 on him haha but hopefully I will get out of him at least even at some point I can only hold and hope

  • Ro top the day up savanier got sent off ,what has he done to be sent off after 14 minutes ?

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