Paulo Dybala

  • What do people think about this so called scuffle with Juve director about not starting games?
    How likely are we to see him in the Premier League? And what would that do to his price?

  • @wearing-louis weird one because it seems he was ill mid week and didn't train enough - well at least that's Pirlo's story and he's sticking to it. Surely he has to play at some point or they may as well have cashed in on him during the window, doesn't make sense for Juve.

    If they play like they did this weekend again, surely the pressure will be on the management to include him, as a holder I'm not worried just yet and like you say, if he continues to be unsettled then a move to the Prem seems quite likely.

  • Yes it’s a weird one. He’s been a major factor in winning all Juve’s titles over the last couple years. I’d be confused and pissed off too if I was Dybala. If he doesn’t get enough game time, then there is talk of a January move to prem. So there are a few angles in play.

  • From what I've read, the story of the scuffle with Paratici is bollocks.

    However the situation is odd, given everything the fact he didn't play a single minute against Crotone is suspect.

    If he doesn't start tomorrow or play a sizeable chunk then I'd be inclined to believe that something is going on. Which is mad considering how much he has given to Juventus and how much they've messed him around - shopping him around a summer ago, rushing him back from injury recklessly.

    From all accounts I've read he is a model professional so I don't think its Dybala with the problem, which almost makes it worse, that the situation is so out of his control.

  • Could it be a COVID thing? I'm sure he had some issues with it over the summer and we're obviously not clear on long term effects etc at this time.

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