Injuries, dividends, order books

  • Just wanted to post this here as my thinking around reacting to injuries has changed given the changes we've seen with FI over the last few months.

    Like many people, I was a VVD holder. Usually when one of my players gets injured, I take it on the chin, use it as an opportunity to top up on the cheap and (hopefully) reap the CA benefits in the long run. I've done that fairly recently with Zaniolo in fact.

    However, with the dividends currently on offer my calculation now is that I am better off taking the hit on my hold and reinvesting. Good players have huge div potential now so having someone sitting redundant for so long just isn't worth it when there is still so much value elsewhere. I feel the same about non-PB league players too.

    What do people think? Have others also changed their approach?

  • @Hint I'm actually hoping when things settle down then cap app will be a thing again. Surely it's still relatively early days for the product so in time player prices will rise. I personally haven't sold anyone in my port, well I have very small amounts just to get used to the mechanics. I aim to sit on my holds for the full term and I refuse to sell at a loss. If I see other players I want I deposit more but I'm in a position where I can afford to do that at the moment. Maybe if your money is tied in a player who has stagnated through injury or whatever maybe best to cut losses. That's not my gameplan but I'm a very patient trader. Not saying that patience wasn't tested on brown Sunday tho.

  • I think your almost guaranteed a profit in 8 months or whatever or you can take a hit and try your luck, all depend on style of trading imo.

  • @Hint said in Injuries, dividends, order books:

    What do people think? Have others also changed their approach?

    VVD won 5p MB yesterday & looks almost certain for a repeat today, which will help cushion the blow of his price dip, however your point about making our money work harder is well made, especially given the dividend yields currently available. Personally I will sit it out with VVD (the guy looks as strong as an ox, so may well be back quicker than expected) as he's the sort of premium hold who could well generate some MB during his layoff.

    Full OB's should be implemented by the time he's due back, (with the stabilisers finally removed) so I believe his price will rise on the confirmation of a return date, rather than the steep drop & gradual rise back up, that was so common under the old pricing system when an injury happened.

  • I agree with @Geronimo159387, @Tom77 and @AndydfopT
    I will be topping up on VVD and happily wait out, he will be determined to be back before the end of the season with the Euros especially (not saying that he necessarily will be). Also a lot of media around him at the moment, and there will be again when he is near a return.
    I always consider long and hard when injuries happen - depends on your investing style and your view of the chances of the alternative player returning a higher amount. It's a lot more difficult for me to press the sell button when it is for a loss...

  • Yeah hold VVD. The ACL is worrying but I think because he is a world class player he will more than likely get lots of MB so don't mind holding till his return and then asses it from there. Avg buy is now £1.65 and soon to get 15p in media div since Saturday so not too bad

  • @Hint I hear what you say about VVD tying up cash when there is such rich pickings at the mo. I’d be inclined to take the hit too.
    Regarding holding injured or non PB players- I would also extend that to young players, who aren’t yet getting the game time. I pretty much want all my players on the park at the moment, in with a chance of a big pay day.
    I guess as players prices increase, ppl will start to look for value elsewhere. Then the injured/young/Non PB players will be back in vogue. But for now it’s a dividend feeding frenzy, and you want your players involved.

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